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1. {FD} Pentagon chief is expert on nukes but says little about them
2. {FD} How Will ‘Brangelina’ Divide Their Millions? And Who Gets the Winery?
3. {FD} UK leader May accused of duplicity in run-up to Brexit vote
4. {FD} Illinois man says he, not his twin brother, committed murder
5. {FD} Police: 5 shot, 1 killed, after argument at Illinois party

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{FD} Muslim migrant Cascade mall shooter in Washington is arrested – motive ‘unknown’

© 2015 The Muslim Issue

The Muslim Issue gives you permission to republish any part or all of this article.

Didn’t we say he didn’t look “Hispanic” to us? They are so inbred you can be fairly accurate by merely looking at the facial bone structure. Of course, he was targeting women…. in his jihad he had to attack a vulnerable victim to be successful. . . Washington mall shooting: Police arrest 20-year-old suspect By … Continue reading


{FD} London Muslim mayor says country must accept Muslim terror as ‘part and parcel of city life’

© 2015 The Muslim Issue

The Muslim Issue gives you permission to republish any part or all of this article.

No, terror is not part and parcel of living in a big city. Terror is only part and parcel of everyday life today because Muslims live in these cities. These countries were stupid enough to shut their ears and eyes to banning Muslim migrants. This pro-Sharia tool serving in the role as a mayor (and … Continue reading


{FD} Muslim mob attack locals and terrorize entire Dutch city ‘for months’

© 2015 The Muslim Issue

The Muslim Issue gives you permission to republish any part or all of this article.

“For months” – and the media reports on this only now? And why is that? The Eurocrats are dumbing down media on accurate and truthful reports on the region’s Muslim problems. What we see is only a drop in the ocean of the real problem. Remember all those socialist Eurocrats who wanted Turkey to gain … Continue reading


{FD} Reuters report that ‘only’ 30% (2.3mil) of Muslims reject secular laws

© 2015 The Muslim Issue

The Muslim Issue gives you permission to republish any part or all of this article.

Originally posted on Muslim Statistics:
Look how Reuters is trying to trivialize the fact that million Muslims in France reject French law and lean towards Sharia – and extremism. As if 30% is a small number! In addition, their data on the actual Muslim population number in France is completely off. Irrespective, we are hundred…


{FD} Philippine FM says rights respected amid drug crackdown

Despite growing international criticism of his government's bloody crackdown on illegal drugs, the Philippines top diplomat told world leaders Saturday that the rule of law governs the campaign to eradicate the illicit substances, which he said have stunted the country's development.