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1. {FD} Bergdahl’s former platoon leader dismisses pardon plea
2. {FD} China flew nuclear-capable bombers over Taiwan before Trump call with Taiwanese president
3. {FD} Pulse nightclub owner no longer wants to sell property targeted by mass shooting
4. {FD} Iran seeks more cooperation with Saudi Arabia
5. {FD} No bail for 15-year-old charged with decapitating classmate

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{FD} Bergdahl’s former platoon leader dismisses pardon plea

US Army Sgt Bowe Bergdahl’s former platoon leader said Monday the one-time prisoner of war -- who asked for a presidential pardon after being accused of endangering comrades by walking off his post in Afghanistan – “has to be accountable for his actions.”

{FD} Will Italy’s political drama spawn a new eurozone crisis?

Italy is facing political upheaval after Premier Matteo Renzi said he’s resigning after a crushing defeat in a nationwide referendum.

{FD} The Latest: UN refugee chief fears for EU-Turkey deal

The Latest on the migrant situation in Europe (all times local): 5 p.m.

{FD} Rights officials concerned about Polish freedom of assembly

European human rights officials are voicing serious concerns over proposed legislation in Poland that would limit the right to freedom of assembly.

{FD} Russian field hospital hit in Syria’s Aleppo, nurse killed

Rebel shelling of Syrian government-held part of Aleppo killed a Russian nurse in a makeshift Russian hospital in the city on Monday while the Defense Ministry in Moscow said a Russian fighter jet crashed into the Mediterranean Sea after returning from a sortie over Syria.