Gay-Pervert Fact

Gay-perverts tend to give up their Gay-perversion over time.  See Satinover, graph at bottom of page 22.  For your convenience, here is the graph:

Gay-Addicts Versus Gay-Perverts

Gay-addicts are Gay-perverts but they are working their way out of the Gay-pervert lifestyle.  We can have more compassion on these types of Gay-perverts.

An Emotional Outburst

I would like to tell you how I feel about Gay-pervert activists but I don’t believe in using profanity.  I will say this though…if I were God, I would have killed them all a long time ago, politically speaking.

Footnote To Less Educated Readers: This post is a metaphor, a figure of speech, a “joke of language.”

The Gay-Pervert Vote

You can win any election if you didn’t get even one
Gay-pervert vote.  Don’t waste your time on these people.

Proxies Dropped

The Proxies have been dropped from the Power Coalition since:

Gay-perverts deserve no better treatment than any other kind of pervert.

The Winning Candidate

The winning candidate pulls no punches (does not refrain from using all the force at their disposal).  We need a Chris Christie, not a Mitt Romney.

Democratic Party “Secret”

When Obama was running for his first term, I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The Democrats bussed in scores of teenagers from the south side of Chicago to knock on doors.  To win, we need:

Feet on the ground.

Proxies Dropped…The Power Coalition & Gay-Perverts

Gay-perverts are not allowed in the Power Coalition but, since they are Americans too and should be represented too, we have granted membership to one thousand of their proxiesProxies Dropped.  Proxies are straights who represent Gay-perverts.

Sorry, NSA

The Power Coalition will be using oscillating encryptions in its communications.  These are so advanced that even the NSA’s computers can’t read them.  The OET (Oscillating Encryption Technokogy [not a misspelling]) technology is provided courtesy of Bisconti Technologies.  (Cybortron, Inc. [old website; new website under construction] is a division of Bisconti Technologies, Inc.)

Proxies Dropped…Power Coalition Membership

The Power Coalition counts among its members Independents, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party groups, Blacks, Hispanics, Proxies (Proxies Dropped) (see The Power Coalition & Gay-Perverts), other influential groups, and all noninfluential groups, the “little guys” of America.  Our membership is more diverse than that of either of the major political parties.  We represent all of America.

“Secret Weapon” Technologies

We will be sharing our “secret weapon” technologies with our Power Coalition members.  These have been provided to us courtesy of Bisconti Technologies.  They put the Power Coalition light-years ahead of the Democratic Party in the upcoming elections.

Skip The IRS

The IRS is not being held accountable for its misdeeds by Obama and the Democratic Party.  The IRS cannot be trusted.  Therefore, forget about the IRS.  Of course, you must do this legally.  Here is what you do:

For the goods and services you need to engage in your political activity, set up direct payment channels to your vendors to be used by your contributors.  This takes you and your organization out of the financial loop.  Your contributors can, then, declare their financial gifts as donations to your vendors for tax purposes.

Be careful, use a lawyer!

The “Gay” Question

Quick Note:  The idea that Gays don’t exist means that people who call themselves “Gay” are actually something else.

We have conducted the most exhaustive review anywhere of all things called “Gay.”  Here are four key things we have learned:

1. The United States Psychiatric Association says that Gays don’t exist but the American Psychiatric Association says that Gays do exist.

2. The American Psychiatric Association recognized the existence of Gays only after “Gay” psychiatrists were elected to their board of directors.

3. The American Psychiatric Association to this day refuses to explain why they believe that Gays exist.

4. If Gays don’t exist, then, so-called “Gays” must actually be Gay-perverts.

From these facts alone, we know that:

a. The scientific community is not in agreement about whether Gays exist.

b. The position of the American Psychiatric Association is not unbiased.

Therefore, the only unbiased conclusion is that:

Gays don’t exist.

This means:

So-called Gays are actually Gay-perverts.

This, in turn, means:

Gay “marriage” is immoral and should be illegal.

All that being said, we must still:

Fight more against the national debt than both GEF (Gay existence fiction) and Gay-perverts and “Gay marriage.”
Footnote: If Gays did exist, there would still be Gay-perverts; for example, homo-pedophiles.

An excellent, additional source of information on the whole “Gay” question is Gay Is Not, which has some humorous content (see the “Little Johnny Campaign” on that website).

The article above is designed to appeal to all Americans.  The biblical arguments, which we also believe, will appeal to Bible-believing Americans.

National Debt Versus Murderous Abortion

We fight against the national debt more than against murderous abortion because you cannot fight all…all…battles with equal intensity and because more people, including infants, would die through a future national debt than through murderous abortion.

Why The Top Two Policies?

The policies set as the top two – national debt and balanced budget – were chosen because, apart from divinely promised miracle:

Nothing gets done without money.

Top Two Policies Set

We have established the top two policies of our Prioritized Standards.  They are:

#1 The “National Debt” Principle

Eliminate the national debt.

#2 The “Balanced Budget” Principle

Balance the government’s budget; in plain English, make sure the government can’t spend more money than it has.

The Power Coalition

What does the Power Coalition stand for?  See our Standards page in the menu at the top of our website.  Note that we have not published our Prioritized Standards yet.

The Republican Party

We, the Power Coalition, are not counting on the Republican Party to win the 2014 and 2016 elections.

We, the Power Coalition, under God, are going to get it done ourselves!

One Million Power Packs Sent

We have sent out one million Collosus Power Packs to our Power Coalition consisting of Independents, Tea Party groups, Republican candidates, and Democratic candidates loyal to America.

The Power Packs provide data and conclusions from our AI supercomputer Collosus at the Chicago Christian University (old website; new website under construction) and managed by CCU’s L. F. Nexus Think Tanks.

The Power Packs will help win both the 2014 and 2016 elections.

How To Tell If You Are A Stupid Voter

If you put any of the following above policy, you are a stupid voter:

  • He’s a Democrat.
  • He’s a Republican.
  • He’s white.
  • He’s black.
  • She’s a woman.
  • He’s a man.
  • She’s pretty.
  • He’s handsome.
  • He’s younger.
  • He’s older.

More later.

Democratic Party Insanity

Ask Obama, Hillary, or any other Democrat how we will pay off the National Debt and avoid a second, even worse Great Depression and they will answer:

The Democratic Party just has a feeling in its gut that everything will be alright.

The National Debt

I have been concerned about and fighting against the National Debt since 1961 when I was only twelve years old and the National Debt was less than 1/3 trillion dollars.  Today it is more than 62 times that:

18+ Trillion

So, what has our moronic federal government been doing for over 50 years?

More important, why have the American people let them do it?

Wake up America!  Eventually, if the debt keeps growing, everyone will lose all of their money.  Food, clothing, everything will be rationed!  Good-bye McDonalds!
Good-bye Internet!  Good-bye cell phones!
And that’s just on the first day!

Is Health Care A Good Idea?

Is health care a good idea?  Yes, but Obama, Hillary, and their Democratic Party have thought of the most stupid, moronic way of implementing (doing) it – Obamacare.