{FD} North Korea’s rare face-to-face held in ‘truce village’ where Americans once were murdered

The history of the so-called “Truce Village” where North and South Koreans held a rare face-to-face meeting on Tuesday has a history that belies its name, and includes the murder of two American troops by North Korea soldiers — the result of an operation that began with the attempted trimming of an overgrown tree.

{FD} Iran’s brutal regime running on fumes as angry masses gather, says expert

The deadly protests gripping Iran may not be the final battle between the Islamic republic's hard-line government and its fed-up populace, but it shows the mullahs are running out of time, according to an expert who helps advise Congress.

{FD} North Korea’s other weapons: Expert warns nukes aren’t biggest concern

North Korea’s nuclear program has long triggered condemnation – including the U.N. Security Council’s recent decision to apply some of the toughest sanctions in history – but is something far more lethal lurking in the Hermit Kingdom’s arsenal?

{FD} US commandos train to capture North Korean nukes

U.S. military forces reportedly trained earlier this month for a mission that would put them on North Korean soil, with the objective of “infiltrating" and "removing weapons of mass destruction," according to foreign military sources.

{FD} International marijuana holiday off to a smoking start

Beginning April 20, and continuing throughout the weekend (or until the snacks run out), swarms of so-called “stoners” will be gathering on grassy knolls, city streets and even the U.S. Capitol steps to celebrate the international marijuana holiday known as “4/20.” And while the yearly, pungent “protests” are often treated as sideshows, the issue of legalized cannabis - and the benefits it is providing to a variety of Americans - is growing too big to ignore.