{FD} Hillary Clinton questions ‘legitimacy’ of Trump’s victory in 2016 election

One year after losing the presidential race, 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is still questioning the “legitimacy” of President Trump’s victory, accusing Republicans of voter suppression tactics in swing states and Russians of influencing votes through a “disinformation campaign.”

{FD} New twists in Roy Moore scandal: Lawyer hits back, more accusers emerge, state party huddles

New twists and turns emerged in the Alabama Senate race Wednesday as an attorney for Roy Moore questioned the motives of one accuser, the state Republican Party huddled to discuss its support of Moore and a three more females surfaced to allege past sexual misconduct.

{FD} Trump says ‘America is back’ after ‘historic’ trip to Asia

President Trump on Wednesday touted his administration’s "tremendous success" after returning to Washington from a 12-day, five-country foreign trip in Asia where talks with foreign leaders focused on trade and the nuclear threat from North Korea.

{FD} Roy Moore slams Washington Post’s ‘political agenda’ as he denies sexual misconduct accusations

Embattled Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore is hitting back at the Washington Post, accusing the paper of having a “political agenda” as he denies allegations he sought romantic relationships with teenage females as an adult.

{FD} Donna Brazile: I found ‘proof’ the DNC rigged the nomination for Hillary Clinton

Veteran Democratic operative Donna Brazile made the explosive claim Thursday she uncovered evidence during the 2016 presidential campaign that Hillary Clinton’s campaign “rigged the nomination process” through a secret arrangement with the Democratic National Committee to the detriment of her primary opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

{FD} ‘Political racism’: White House slams Democratic ad in Virginia where man in truck chases minority children

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday that a Democratic television ad showing minority children in Virginia being chased down the road by a man in a pickup truck with a Confederate flag and bumper sticker for a Republican candidate is “political racism.”

{FD} Former Trump aide George Papadopolous pleads guilty to making false statements to FBI

Former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopolous pleaded guilty this month to making false statements to FBI agents about his contacts with people close to the Russian government, according to court documents unsealed Monday.

{FD} Virginia governor’s race: Gillespie slams Dems for ‘smear’ tying him to Charlottesville violence

Democrats are spending the closing days of Virginia’s contentious gubernatorial race trying to tie Republican nominee Ed Gillespie to this summer’s white supremacist violence in Charlottesville – something the Gillespie campaign is decrying as an “ugly character smear.”

{FD} Fusion GPS scandal: Clinton, DNC broke campaign finance law with dossier funding, complaint says

The Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign committee violated campaign finance laws after they failed to disclose payments linked to the so-called "Trump dossier," alleged a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission by the Campaign Legal Center.

{FD} ‘Smoking gun’ email reveals Obama DOJ blocked conservative groups from settlement funds, GOP lawmaker says

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee claims he obtained a “smoking gun” email that proves the Obama Justice Department prevented settlement payouts from going to conservative-leaning organizations, even as liberal groups were awarded money and DOJ officials denied “picking and choosing” recipients.

{FD} Trump asks Alaska senators if he should reverse Obama decision to rename Mount McKinley

President Trump asked Alaska’s two Republican senators what they thought about him reversing former President Barack Obama’s 2015 executive decision changing the name of the tallest mountain in North America from Mount McKinley to Denali – and both asked him not to do it.

{FD} Trump says ‘end of the ISIS caliphate is in sight’ after liberation of Raqqa

President Trump on Saturday celebrated the liberation of Raqqa from the Islamic State, saying this week’s recapture of the Syrian city by U.S.-backed forces could lead to an end of the caliphate.