{FD} Alleged sex cult leader Keith Raniere held without bail as he faces sex trafficking charges

Seeing him as a flight risk, a federal judge in New York on Friday ordered controversial self-help guru and alleged cult leader Keith Raniere held without bail as he faces charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

{FD} The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is three times the size of France and growing, study finds

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – an enormous swatch of trillions of pieces of plastic and trash floating somewhere between California and Hawaii – is already three times the size of France and growing fast, according to a new report published in Scientific Reports.

{FD} Trump orders military to begin withdrawal of troops from Syria

Citing that the United States mission in Syria would not extend beyond the destruction of the Islamic State, President Trump instructed military leaders during a meeting on Tuesday to begin planning the withdraw of troops from the war-torn, Middle Eastern nation.

{FD} EPA, Pruitt announce rollback of Obama-era fuel standards, setting up another battle with California

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt laid out plans on Tuesday to roll back Obama-era fuel standards in a move seen as a win for automakers, but one that is likely to ignite a major political and legal battle with the nation’s most populous state.

{FD} Army mulls tougher basic training for out-of-shape, undisciplined recruits

Citing a disturbing trend of new soldiers lacking both proper discipline and physical fitness, senior U.S. Army leaders are calling for a tougher and longer basic training program as the military looks to better prepare grunts for combat over the next decade.

{FD} Ohio town must pay back millions of fines collected from speed cameras, court rules

The case of New Miami, population 2,321, highlights the controversy behind the tickets, which make stoplight-running motorists see red, but help keep the budgets of cities and towns in the black. New Miami will almost certainly go bankrupt if the Supreme Court doesn’t reverse a lower court’s ruling and spare it from refunding tens of thousands of tickets at $180 apiece plus interest.

{FD} Trump’s meeting with North Korea’s Kim will be historic…and logistically complicated

Historic. Unprecedented. Shocking.All these terms have been tossed around since the announcement Thursday evening that President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un plan to meet in May for nuclear disarmament talks. But there’s another phrase that is also applicable to this monumental meeting: logistical nightmare.

{FD} Trump’s sanctions and hardline rhetoric brought North Korea to negotiating table, experts say

The strategy, experts say, appears to be working as Pyongyang reportedly told a delegation from South Korea on Tuesday that it was willing to discuss nuclear disarmament and halt nuclear and missile tests during future talks with the United States.

{FD} Poisoned ex-spy likely latest victim in long line of Kremlin-ordered hits

A Russian colonel turned MI6 double agent found dying on a park bench Sunday is likely the latest in a long line of Kremlin-ordered hits - including assassinations of spies and dissidents carried out with poison-tipped umbrellas, isotope-laced tea and bullets to the back of the head.

{FD} School shootings prompt more teachers to consider carrying guns

Gun rights advocates say that since the Sandy Hook massacre the number of individual teachers and school districts interested in arming themselves on campus has risen exponentially with some programs having to put interested applicants on a waiting list to meet the demand. But if a teacher who gets a concealed carry permit can actually carry varies widely depending on the state they work in.

{FD} Tribe fights Arizona ski resort over use of wastewater to make snow

A long-running dispute between the Hopi Nation and an Arizona ski area took a new turn earlier this month when a state court of appeals ruled that the Native American tribe has the legal right to fight against the use of treated wastewater to make snow at the resort.

{FD} Venezuela’s migrant crisis could match scale of Syria’s catastrophe, experts say

Venezuela’s ongoing economic and political turmoil has created a widespread dearth of food and basic medical supplies that has caused millions of people to flee the stagnating country and created a humanitarian crisis that some experts say could surpass that arising from war-torn Syria.

{FD} German teen’s murder sparks national discussion of migrant crime

Many Germans are concerned the huge wave of more than one million migrants who flooded the country since Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the country’s borders two years ago are making the country less safe.

{FD} Apologetic prof is just latest academic to inflame with talk of Trump’s death

A prominent economics professor at Northeastern University says he's sorry for saying he wouldn't mind President Trump dead - marking the latest incident in a series of public comments against Trump by academics.