{FD} Demonstrators plan to mock Trump with giant balloon

Demonstrators plan to mock U.S. President Donald Trump with a giant balloon depicting him as a screaming orange baby Friday as tens of thousands march through the streets of London to protest the American leader's visit to the U.K. The diaper-clad infant, with a quiff of hair and a mobile phone for tweeting, is scheduled to soar over the Houses of Parliament, the centerpiece of demonstrations protesting Trump's policies on issues ranging from immigration and race relations to women and climate change.

{FD} British prosecutors convict 17 men, 1 women of sex crimes

British authorities have convicted more than a dozen sex offenders in a northern English city, but children's advocates expressed outrage that police paid a convicted rapist to infiltrate specially organized parties where young women and girls as young as 15 were plied with drugs and alcohol before being abused.