Should The CIA Use Torture?

First, let’s consider what is just.  Justice says, “An eye for an eye.”  Therefore, a terrorist who burns another human being alive deserves to, themself, be burned alive.  However, we are not dealing with a question of justice.  What we are dealing with is a question of preventing the suffering of the innocent and saving the lives of the innocent.  The answer to this prevention/saving question is:

As long as there is any hope of preventing the suffering of the innocent and/or saving the lives of the innocent, ANY torture is justified that would be INDISPENSABLE TO ACHIEVING either or both of those goals.

Young Woman Murdered Because Government Took Her Gun

An eighteen-year-old woman in New York City was murdered in her home Friday because New York City officials took her gun, a gun that she had the legal right to own.  When criminals broke into her home, she was defenseless.  The home invaders raped, tortured, and murdered the young woman.  Thank you gun-control, anti-second-amendment advocates for raping, torturing, and murdering this young woman.  May you all rot in hell, forever!

Robert Mueller And His Team Will Rot In Hell Forever

Robert Mueller and his team are traitors to the American people and to America; therefore, Robert Mueller and his team will rot in hell forever.  Three proofs of these facts are that:

  1. Robert Mueller and his team are asking “fishing” questions.  These are questions looking for questions in order to trick a person into saying the wrong thing then falsely accuse that person of a crime, like they did with Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.
  2. Robert Mueller and his team are asking irrelevant questions that have nothing to do with the job Robert Mueller and his team were hired for, which is to find out if there is any evidence of collusion with the Russians.
  3. Robert Mueller and his team were hired because of the belief that a report known as the “Steele dossier” was a truthful report.  We now know that the Steele dossier is a complete lie.  Once this became known, Robert Mueller and his team should have said, “There is no longer any basis for our investigation and, therefore, we are ending our investigation.”  However, in order to keep filling their pockets with tax dollars they continue their baseless and corrupt investigation.

Robert Mueller and his team should be arrested, charged with treason, and face a trial, then, if found guilty, put to death.  In any event, Robert Mueller and his team will rot in hell forever!

Bible-Believing Christians Founded (Started) Psychiatry, Psychology, and the Whole Field of Mental Health

Bible-believing Christians founded (started) the whole mental health field, including psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, etc., etc. around a century ago.  Over the decades atheists and sexual perverts (LGBTQs) have tried to take over the mental health field.  Fortunately, they failed but they did manage to take over the American Psychiatric Association and turn it into a corrupt, ignorant, unstable, moronic, and, actually, mentally deficient organization.  Hub Premium Members, you will find 10,000 pages documenting all of this in section ZE-232.22 of the Psychotron Encyclopedia and Dictionary.

Is A Person Ever Without Moral Options (Choices)?

A person can never prove to themselves or others that they are without moral options (choices).  Therefore, a person can never prove that they lack responsibility for any given thing they do.  Hub Premium Members, read article #168223 in the Psychotron Encyclopedia and Dictionary for in-depth proofs and discussions of these points.

Christians, DO NOT Turn The Other Cheek! Fight Back!

The Bible says in II Corinthians 11:20 that a Christian should not turn the other cheek; that is, a Christian should fight back when attacked.  II Corinthians 11:20 says:

For ye suffer, if a man bring you into bondage, if a man devour you, if a man take of you, if a man exalt himself, if a man smite you on the face.

God is condemning certain Christians for surrendering to bondage (slavery), being devoured (dominated), being taken of (robbed), allowing a man to exalt himself (act as if he were God), and being smitten on the face (struck on the face).

Christians, fight back!

Now, what about the turn-the-other-cheek verse, Matthew 5:39?  Simple, Jesus was speaking figuratively.  What Jesus meant literally was that a person should not have a certain kind of heart when fighting back; that is, a person should not fight back with a thirst for justice against their attacker.  In other words, God wants your fighting to be guided by the goal of DEFEATING your attacker, not SATISFYING your hunger for justice.

The Country of Turkey Is Now a Land of Savages

President Erdogan of Turkey is a savage and leader of a nation of savages.  The people of Turkey are filthy animals, abusing, raping, and killing anyone who disagrees with them about anything.  They are people of hardly any intelligence whose hearts are filled with hatred for the rest of the human race.  One proof of all of this is that President Erdogan and the Turkish people have imprisoned a godly man, a Christian pastor, because he is a Christian.  President Erdogan and the Turkish people will rot in hell forever!

Is Sex The Most Powerful Drive In A Human Being?

Before we answer the question, you must understand some things about drives (desires, emotions, etc.).  Drives are contextually dependent.  What does that mean?  A context is the situation in which one finds oneself in the present, including location, whether or not one has eaten, whether or not one has slept, etc., etc.  An example of contextual dependence is your possessing a drive to eat because you have not eaten.

Now, drives are also contextually prioritized.  This means that a drive can be suppressed by your psyche because of another drive, in a given context (situation).  For example, if you have a drive to eat and a drive to sleep at the same time and you haven’t slept for 48 hours, your drive to eat will probably be suppressed and you will go to sleep.

So, what is the most powerful drive in a human being?  If you have multiple drives at the same time, the most powerful drive will be the drive that your situation gives power.  For example, whenever there are famines and people are starving, the drive for sex will be suppressed and their drive to seek food will be more powerful.

One final note, a human being is not a puppet.  Drives do not totally control us.  They merely pressure us to go in certain directions.  You have free will and, in most situations, you can choose what you will do whether or not it is what your drives want you to do. Note that you should avoid situations that will allow one or more drives to become more powerful than you.