Military Leaders Who Oppose The Bible Should Be Kicked Out

Military leaders who oppose the Bible should be kicked out of the military.  These people show their ignorance of the Bible.  The Bible is the only religious book in history that is perfect grammatically, semantically, medically, psychologically, sociologically, historically, archaeologically, etc., etc.  In contrast, the Koran (the Muslim religious book) fails in all these areas and promotes schizophrenia and other mental illnesses (see Mad Muslims).

Proof That Most Medical Doctors Are Mentally Ill

One proof that most medical doctors are mentally ill is the fact that they do not protect a person’s dignity; specifically, they don’t care if you are unclothed in public.  One way they show that they don’t care is the insane split-back gowns they give patients.  These gowns must have been designed by a sex pervert.  We hope that all of these doctors drop dead.  For more information about these mentally ill doctors see Dirtbag Doctors.

Does God Speak To A Person Through A Voice In Their Head?

No, God does not speak to a person through a voice in their head.  The Bible teaches that God does not speak in a person’s head.  In the Bible, Isaiah 30:21 says:

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

The expression “thine ears shall hear a word behind thee” in the verse above refers to a human remembering of a message from God from an external (environmental) source (such as the Bible) that one has previously heard or read or an inference or conclusion of the human mind based on one or more such previously heard or read messages.

Does The Spirit of God Enter A Person’s Body Then Make Them Do Stuff?

No, the Spirit of God does not enter a person’s body then make them do stuff.  The Bible teaches that God never enters a person’s body.  Now, God has created every person with psychological defense mechanisms.  These are innate (unlearned) patterns of response to problem situations.  One of these defense mechanisms is ontheolization.  Ontheolization is an imagination of sudden power to deal with a crisis situation.  Ontheolization helps a person to get through the crisis situation.  Some people experience the delusion that the imagined sudden power is the Spirit of God, whereas the sudden power is simply an imagination that God has designed every human mind to provide.

The Truth About Designer Babies (Chemistry-Made Babies)

What is a designer baby?  A baby whose genetic makeup was selected before conception by altering the DNA of the egg and/or the sperm.

Now, there have been one million experiments to create designer animals.  Here are the results:

  1.  20,000 two-headed cows.
  2.  13,000 three-headed cows.
  3.  17,000 six-legged goats.
  4.  25,000 constantly bleeding goats.
  5.  6,000 blind lambs.
  6.  233,000 deaf and mute birds.
  7.  321,000 blind, deaf, mute, legless dogs.
  8.  211,000 blind, deaf, mute, tongueless cats.
  9.  5,000 blind, deaf, mute tongueless, legless monkeys.
  10.  470,000 other animals from 133 other species (animal groups) all born with one or more of 39,222 birth defects, including multi-headedness, extra-leggedness, constant-bleedingness, blindness, muteness, deafness, leglessness, tonguelessness, eyelessness, earlessness, and noselessness.

In addition, no animals were born without birth defects, all animals were born with birth defects.

Kissing Etiquette: How To Kiss Relatives Other Than Your Spouse

Kissing etiquette with relatives other than your spouse is very simple:

  1.  Kiss on the cheek, not on the lips.
  2.  A cheek must be offered before it is kissed.
  3.  Only a woman may offer her cheek to be kissed.
  4.  A man must not offer his cheek to be kissed.
  5.  If a woman does not make it clear that they are offering their cheek to be kissed, you must assume that the woman is not offering her cheek to be kissed  and you must not kiss her.

Did God Really Tell Abraham To Kill His Son?

No, God did not tell Abraham to kill his son and here is why:

  1. God told Abraham his son would have children.
  2. Abraham’s son had no children.
  3. Therefore, Abraham’s son was going to have children in the future.
  4. Abraham knew that his son was going to have children in the future.
  5. A person cannot have children if they are dead.
  6. Therefore, Abraham’s son was going to be alive in the future.
  7. Abraham knew that his son was going to be alive in the future.
  8. Now, “to kill” means “to permanently remove a person from this life.”
  9. Then, God said:
  10. …[t]ake [your] son…and offer him…[as] a burnt offering….

  11. Now, here is what God meant and what Abraham knew that God meant:

    INTERRUPT your son’s life, NOT permanently remove your son from this life, NOT kill your son.

Simpler Proof That the Mueller Russia Trump Investigation Is A Hoax

Here is a simpler proof that the Mueller Russia Trump investigation is a hoax:

  1. If the beginning of an investigation is unreliable, the entire investigation is a hoax.
  2. The beginning of the investigation was done by Peter Strzok.
  3. Peter Strzok is an unreliable investigator (for proof of this fact see Simple Proof That Peter Strzok Should Be Fired From The FBI)
  4. Therefore, the entire investigation is a hoax.

Download this simpler proof here and send it to everyone you know.