Kavanaugh’s Accuser Discredited (Exposed)

We now know that Kavanaugh’s accuser has a history of mental illness and, more important, was secretly paid $200,000 by the Democrat Party to accuse Kavanaugh.  The Democrats will pull any dirty trick to get power.  The Democrats will rot in hell forever.

Evidence On Both Sides Of The Climate Change Debate

Here is some evidence in support of climate change:

The activity of the human race is producing products that are warming up the air.  This warmer air is melting ice on the fringe of the North Pole and ice on the fringe of the South Pole.

Here is some evidence in support of geophysical change and against climate change:

Underwater volcanoes near the North Pole are heating up the oceans.  This warmed ocean water is heating up the air.  The warmer oceans and the warmer air are melting ice on the fringe of the North Pole.  Underwater volcanoes at the South Pole are heating up the water under the South Pole.  As a result, some ice at the South Pole is melting.  However, other forces are working to freeze some water around the South Pole.  The freezing forces are stronger than the warming forces.  As a result, more freezing than melting is occurring at the South Pole.

TEHL: The Evolutionary Hoax Library

Currently, our evolutionary hoax library, TEHL (pronounced “TELL”), contains over 10 million (10,333,671) hoaxes perpetrated by evolutionists since the time of Darwin (see SED (Stupid Evolutionists Database).  Note that evolution rests on 10 ideas.  If you disprove those 10 ideas, you disprove the 3 million conclusions that rest on those 10 ideas.  In doing so, you destroy the whole hypothesis of evolution.  You will find the disproof of those 10 ideas, the Decimus Element, on our anti-evolution website the Evolution Nexus.  We will be publishing a formal explanation of the Decimus Element as soon as possible.

Has Climate Change Been Scientifically Proven?

First, we are not answering the question of whether climate change occurs.  Instead, we are answering the question of whether climate change has been scientifically proven.

Okay, there are two main problems:.

  1. 65% of scientific climate research has been proven to have been faked by its authors.
  2. 70% of climate scientists had financial and political incentives to support the idea that climate change occurs.


Climate change has not been scientifically proven.

Now, what about the question of whether climate change occurs?  The answer is that there is evidence that climate change occurs and there is evidence that climate change does not occur.  In other words:

The question of whether climate change occurs has not been settled.

John Kerry Is Corrupt, Stupid, And A Traitor

John Kerry is corrupt, stupid, and a traitor. He is corrupt mainly because he has broken his oath to defend the interests of the United States. He is stupid because he believes that the leadership in Iran is well-intentioned. And John Kerry is a traitor because he is strengthening our enemies; especially, the leadership in Iran. John Kerry will burn in hell forever!

Does The Bible Talk About The Unconscious Mind?

Yes, the Bible talks about the unconscious mind.  For example, I John 3:19-21 says:

“(19)  And hereby we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts (unconscious minds) before him.  (20)  For if our heart (unconscious mind) condemn us, God is greater than our heart (unconscious mind), and knoweth all things.  (21)  Beloved, if our heart (unconscious mind) condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God.”

Note that the Bible talked about the unconscious mind way before Freud.

Mueller And His Democrat Team Selectively Prosecuted Paul Manafort

Mueller and the Mueller team selectively prosecuted Paul Manafort.  What this means is that Mueller and the Mueller team gave everyone else a pass (no prosecution) while they prosecuted someone because he had a brief connection with President Trump.  Mueller and the Mueller team are demons vomited out of the depths (worst part) of hell.  Also, the Democrats in Congress are corrupt and demonic for giving Mueller and the Mueller team the power to prosecute Paul Manafort.

Proof That Artificial Intelligence Will Never Surpass Human Intelligence

By Dr. Michael Bisconti: Bisconti Technologies and AI Supercomputer Collosus

First, we must give the devil his due (tell you what artificial intelligence can do better than human beings). Artificial intelligence, because it is a computer, can do arithmetic faster than most human beings (currently, at least three thousand (human) “savants” still beat the fastest supercomputers). Also, AI (artificial intelligence), again because it is a computer, can remember more than most human beings (currently, at least two thousand (human) “savants” remember ten times more than the largest supercomputers).
Now, here is the proof that AI (artificial intelligence) can never surpass human intelligence:


  1. AI (artificial intelligence) has no INAFF (intelligence-affecting) emotion.
  2. AI has no INAFF (intelligence-affecting) instinct.
  3. AI has no INAFF empathy.
  4. AI has no superego (conscience).
  5. AI has no moral or ethical reasoning capability.
  6. AI has no moral or ethical discernment.
  7. AI has no unconscious mind.
  8. AI has no human neural net. The human neural net cannot be reproduced in computer form.
  9. AI has no inducial logic capability.
  10. AI has no projective intelligence.
  11. AI has no foresight.
  12. AI has no denotative understanding.
  13. AI has no connotative understanding.
  14. CBAIL (Capability Beyond Artificial Intelligence List) currently presents over ten million items that are beyond artificial intelligence.
  15. Our CBAIL Encyclopedia (link not active yet) provides the complete CBAIL list and proofs and explanations for each item on the list.

California Governor Jerry Brown, Democrats, And Environmentalists Allowed California Fires

California Governor Jerry Brown, Democrats, and environmentalists prevented laws from being passed that would have created burn barriers around all of the state’s forests.  Why?  They didn’t want to kill a beetle or a frog.  What insanity!  Californians need to wake up, wise up, and vote Jerry Brown and the Democrats out of office and kick all of the environmentalists out of their state.