{FD} Surgeon general urges Americans to carry drug that reverses opioid overdose

The nation's chief doctor wants more Americans to start carrying the overdose antidote naloxone to help combat the nation's opioid crisis and save lives.

{FD} Stephon Clark shooting: A timeline of events

The Sacramento Police Department says that Stephon Clark, the unarmed black man who was fatally shot on March 18 by two police officers – one identified as black – ignored their orders to stop and advanced toward them, prompting them to shoot in self defense.

{FD} Cancer experts say coffee is safe, despite California’s new warning label requirement

A California court judge’s ruling ordering coffee companies to put cancer warning labels on their products is not changing the minds of scientists and health professionals who say there is no credible evidence to warrant the dramatic move.

{FD} Farrakhan supporters plan White House protest in test of mainstream black leaders

Billed as the largest black-led anti-Trump rally, thousands of African-American men are expected to gather outside the White House in late April to “condemn the appalling bigotry and racism of the Trump administration and announce definitive plans for his removal from office,” according to a press release by the organizers.

{FD} More veterans seek Trump’s pardon for combat-zone convictions

When Michael Behenna told his parents he wanted to enlist in the Army to serve his country after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, they were proud.

{FD} Trump declares war on opioid abuse, calls for death penalty for traffickers, more access for treatment

Speaking from one of the states hardest hit by the opioid epidemic, President Trump on Monday laid out a battle plan that calls for harsher sentences - and even the death penalty - for traffickers.

{FD} Nation of Islam lashes out at 3 black members of Congress, calling them sellouts for denouncing Farrakhan

The Nation of Islam is lashing out at three black members of Congress who have denounced its leader, Louis Farrakhan, for making anti-Semitic and anti-white remarks in a recent speech.

{FD} Pol who warned of bigoted rhetoric justifies ties with Louis Farrakhan, lashes out at Jewish group

A Democrat who has come under fire for his ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan despite a long record of warning that hate speech poses one of the greatest threats to U.S. security dismissed calls from the Republican Jewish Coalition for his resignation, saying the organization lacks credibility in his view.

{FD} Republican Jewish Coalition demands resignation of Democratic leaders with ties to Farrakhan

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has answered those who denounced as anti-Semitic his recent "Jews are my enemy" quote with another broadside, this time tweeting a video clip where he says "The Jews have control over those areas of government" - in referring to the FBI.

{FD} Dreamers to Democrats: We’re tired of your lies

The illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children – known as Dreamers – say that they have been failed by Democrats who are more interested in blaming President Trump and Republicans than delivering a congressional measure that would protect the young people from deportation as they await a path to legal residency.

{FD} Faulty bugging devices may have caused mysterious diplomat illness in Cuba

Malfunctioning bugging devices planted by the Cuban government may be to blame for the illnesses that struck 24 people last year who worked at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, according to The Daily Beast.

{FD} Dem leaders, Women’s March founders under fire over Farrakhan connections

More than a week after Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan delivered a blistering speech in Chicago in which he declared that “powerful Jews are my enemy” and “white folks are going down,” calls are growing louder for Democratic leaders and Women’s March founders with ties to the black separatist proponent to denounce him or step down.

{FD} Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz’s name removed from park fence

It was, until recently, the name of just another community member who had been involved in the building of the 7-acre playground.