{FD} Bruce McArthur, ‘alleged serial killer,’ now linked to sixth Toronto-area death

A former Canadian landscaper and shopping mall Santa Claus who police are calling an “alleged serial killer” is now suspected of murdering at least six people in the Toronto area, as officers connected him Friday to newly-discovered remains belonging to a man who disappeared in 2010.

{FD} Judge orders transgender teen placed in grandparents’ custody after parents refuse hormone treatments

An Ohio judge has placed a 17-year-old transgender teen in the custody of his grandparents after the teen's mother and father, reportedly citing their religious beliefs, refused to let him undergo hormone treatment as part of his transition from female to male.

{FD} Florida shooting victim’s friend helped by state troopers in last minute dash to funeral

A distraught New Yorker who graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School says she was able to get to Florida at the last minute to attend a funeral for a childhood friend killed in last week's shooting after a pair of state troopers paid for her expensive airline ticket.

{FD} Florida school shooter ‘sympathized with Syrian terrorists,’ sold knives from lunchbox, friend says

A former friend and classmate of Nikolas Cruz says he would follow her around, abuse his girlfriend and even talk about killing his friends' parents, adding to the shocking claims that have emerged about Cruz in the days since the Florida high school shooting.

{FD} 911 dispatcher killed in suspected drunk driving crash involving church pastor

A Minneapolis 911 dispatcher who worked “day-and-night to keep people safe” was tragically killed over the weekend after her car was struck by a church pastor who was driving the wrong way and is believed to have been drinking, police say.

{FD} ‘Nasty and savage’ pedophile academic who blackmailed victims sentenced to 32 years

Matthew Falder, a 29-year-old geophysicist at Birmingham University, found his victims on advertising websites and then blackmailed them into sending him humiliating photos by threatening to deliver their original racy snaps to their family, friends and employers.

{FD} FBI under siege: Top brass, agents slammed as bureau fights to overcome scandals and blunders

From the executive offices of the J. Edgar Hoover building to its rank-and-file working in the field, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is entering yet another week scrambling to figure out a way to navigate itself out of a series of scandals and blunders that is increasingly jeopardizing the agency’s reputation in the minds of the public.

{FD} Florida sheriff Scott Israel says lawmakers ‘won’t get re-elected’ if they don’t push for gun control

In the wake of this week’s deadly Florida high school shooting, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel called out local lawmakers during a candlelight vigil for the victims, saying those who did not push for new gun laws "will not get reelected."

{FD} Black History Month: WWII Museum’s online event to feature ‘unheard’ voices of the era

Up in the air, their skin color didn’t matter. In the 21 combat missions that Tuskegee airman George Hardy flew during World War II, firing at “trucks, trains, [and] anything to keep Germans from moving supplies around,” the American pilots came together.

{FD} Syria warns Israel of ‘more surprises’ as tensions boil over following Iranian drone incident

Israel warned Syrian President Bashar Assad to stop letting his war-torn country be used by Iran as a launching pad for attacks, and tensions in the region remained high Tuesday following a weekend skirmish and a new Syrian threat of "more surprises."

{FD} Thieves brag on social media as Chicago carjacking surge leads to highest number in a decade

A surge in carjackings in Chicago led to the highest number of vehicle thefts in more than a decade, as Windy City cops trying to get the city's murder problem under control increasingly find themselves playing criminal whack-a-mole, with the carjacking menace the newest threat to show its head.

{FD} Winter Olympics: South Korean president, Kim Jong Un’s sister shake hands but no interaction with Pence

The sister of North Korean despot Kim Jong Un and South Korea’s president shook hands in a historic moment for the two countries during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on Friday -- but no such interaction occurred between any Hermit Kingdom representatives and Vice President Pence despite two close encounters.

{FD} Northeastern professor caught saying he wouldn’t mind seeing Trump ‘dead’; apologizes following backlash

A Northeastern University professor who was caught on video during a lecture saying that he wouldn’t mind seeing President Trump “dead” is apologizing amid a social media backlash and a statement from the school distancing itself from the remarks.

{FD} Edwin Jackson death: Illegal immigrant facing charges after alleged drunken driving crash

The twice-deported Guatemalan illegal immigrant who is accused of killing Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and another man in a drunken driving crash over the weekend is now facing four felony charges, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

{FD} North Korea pushing ‘vanity projects’ as Olympics near, despite suffering in Kim Jong Un’s regime

The apparent charm offensive comes from multiple angles: NBC’s Lester Holt promoting a “modern” North Korean ski resort, Dennis Rodman on late night TV saying Kim Jong Un is a misunderstood leader, press reports dramatizing a huge, swanky skyscraper known as the "Hotel of Doom" and officials boasting about plans for a new tourist destination with a “famous sandy beach.”

{FD} Landscaper, mall Santa Claus who sought ‘submissive men’ is ‘alleged serial killer,’ police say

A former landscaper and shopping mall Santa Claus who police are calling an “alleged serial killer” is now suspected of murdering at least five people in the Toronto area -- and officials warn more victims could be found buried in backyard gardens and planters as the investigation rapidly expands.

{FD} California ‘house of horrors’ mother was sexually abused growing up, along with her siblings, sister says

The sister of the mom charged in the California "house of horrors" case says she, her sister and their cousins were routinely sexually abused during their childhood by a close family member -- and talk of the molestation was swept under the rug.

{FD} Suspected sex trafficker wants trial delayed over fear of #MeToo movement tainting jury

A former gang member dubbed “Beanz,” who is facing up to life in prison for allegedly running a sex trafficking business from his Illinois home, is asking a federal judge to delay his trial over concerns he won’t get a fair jury because of the #MeToo movement.