{FD} Student chaos in classrooms has teachers looking to yoga mats, ‘conflict circles’ for solutions

Students reportedly are flipping “over tables, desks and chairs" in one Pennsylvania district, leading to calls for help from teachers, and similar behavior in schools nationwide is causing educators to look at alternative ways to cut down on misbehavior and unruliness -- including swapping detention for yoga mats and holding one-on-one discussions.

{FD} Hawaii ‘lost sailor’ is making up parts of survival story, Taiwanese official says

An American woman from Hawaii -- who's been dubbed a “loopy lady” by Taiwanese media -- is not telling the truth about her interactions with a fishing boat from the country, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, pouring even more cold water over her tale of survival in the Pacific.

{FD} St. Louis jail infested with snakes, mold is ‘inhumane’ for inmates, lawsuit alleges

A St. Louis jail with only one working toilet for 70 inmates and infestations of snakes, squirrels and birds is creating “hellish and inhumane conditions” for those held there, according to a lawsuit filed against the city.

{FD} Hawaii ‘lost sailors’ double down on claim of sensational shark attack in Pacific

The two Hawaiian women who have been under scrutiny over their tale of survival in the Pacific Ocean surfaced on NBC’s “Today Show” Tuesday to defend some of the more sensational claims, including doubling down on a supposed mass shark attack that experts immediately questioned.

{FD} Botched Air Force handling of Texas shooter’s criminal history may be ‘systemic’ issue

The Air Force’s failure to report Texas church shooter Devin Kelley’s domestic violence conviction to the FBI -- a misstep that left the door open for Kelley to buy weapons -- is a systemic issue in its criminal investigations unit, according to a 2015 Pentagon analysis and a former Air Force agent who spoke to Fox News.

{FD} Family of Las Vegas victim ‘wants answers,’ lawyer says, as authorities remain tight-lipped

The family of a 21-year-old college student who was left with shattered ribs and a lacerated liver after being shot in the Las Vegas massacre “wants answers” from festival organizers and hotel management, one of her attorneys told Fox News, as police continue to remain tight-lipped about the massacre.

{FD} Las Vegas shooting details still murky as Mandalay Bay ordered to keep evidence

Nearly three weeks after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, the release of details surrounding the horrific attack has slowed from a trickle to a standstill: police have yet to schedule another news conference, confusion continues to surround the gunman's motive and critical questions linger about what exactly happened on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

{FD} Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos tells Ellen DeGeneres: ‘I felt a burning sensation’ when I was shot

The Mandalay Bay security guard who sparked national interest after disappearing from the public spotlight surfaced this week on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, revealing new details about the moments before Stephen Paddock began his massacre in Las Vegas.

{FD} Mystery as Vegas police stop news conferences on massacre, call wounded guard a ‘victim’

The Mandalay Bay security guard who slipped out of the public spotlight in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting is not a missing person, police told Fox News on Tuesday, amid continuing questions about his whereabouts.

{FD} Las Vegas shooting: Timeline change raises questions about hotel security, police response

Las Vegas police on Tuesday defended changes in the timeline of the deadliest shooting in modern United States history, even as a flood of questions emerged following a sheriff’s announcement a security guard was struck by a bullet six minutes before the gunman fired on a packed concert crowd.