{FD} FBI’s McCabe, now stepping down, suspected in leak against White House

Andrew McCabe, who is abruptly stepping down today as the FBI's deputy director, has been the target of criticism by President Trump. But he was also involved in an incident with the White House early last year that raised questions about whether he and the bureau were trying to damage the president.

{FD} NY Times reporter called Trump ‘racist,’ said RNC staffers were ‘complicit’

Jonathan Martin, the national political correspondent of the New York Times, called Donald Trump a “racist” and “fascist” during two campaign conversations with a Republican National Committee staff member, according to people with direct knowledge of the exchanges.

{FD} Trump allies ripping Mueller while president cooperates, but are they going too far?

Two decades ago, Bill Clinton and his allies launched a fierce attack on Ken Starr, trying to discredit the special prosecutor as he gathered evidence and ultimately got the president to admit to a grand jury that he’d had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

{FD} More media bashing: Trump hits ‘fake’ networks, CNN, ‘Morning Joe’

There’s a post-Thanksgiving buffet of possible topics, from the Senate scramble over tax reform to just who’s running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to whether Sarah Huckabee Sanders actually baked a pecan pie. (Really. That became a thing after correspondent April Ryan challenged the authenticity of said pie on Twitter. Seriously.)