{FD} Assistant high school principal considered ‘mentor’ accused of sex encounters with teen boy student

An assistant high school principal in Missouri allegedly had sex with a 16-year-old student whose family considered her to be a mentor for the teen, making sure “he got on the right path,” according to the boy’s father.

{FD} Man diagnosed as mentally ill allegedly killed ‘weird’ family who took him in

A mentally ill man who was welcomed into a Minnesota family’s home beat a mother and her son to death with a pipe wrench — and then told police he did so because they were “weird,” authorities said.

{FD} Sex offender gets new trial after Texas judge used shock belt on him in court

An appeals court has ordered a new trial for a convicted sex offender after a judge in Texas ordered a bailiff to shock him three times with a 50,000-volt belt for being uncooperative in court.

{FD} Youth pastor in sexual relationship with teen celebrated when she became ‘legal’: cops

A youth pastor in Colorado had a sexual relationship with a high school senior — and gave the teen a card on her 18th birthday that read, “We’re legal,” according to an arrest affidavit.