{FD} First female Border Patrol chief says agents are empowered to ‘enforce the laws’ under Trump

Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost said the Trump administration’s rhetoric regarding protecting America’s borders in the face of illegal immigration has a lot of agents “feeling empowered to actually enforce the laws that are on the books.”

{FD} Scantily clad woman steals from Uber driver’s tip jar

An Uber driver is up in arms after a scantily clad thief, wearing only a bra as her top, brazenly stole the driver's tip money, while showing apparent disregard for the surveillance camera taping her -- even staring straight into the recording device at one point.

{FD} Oregon law requires teachers to report sexually-active students

Officials at the Salem-Keizer School District recently told staff and teachers that under Oregon law they must report to law enforcement or state officials if they learn -- or suspect -- a student is sexually active.

{FD} Columbia University Republican leaders ‘doxed,’ harassed by Antifa group

The leader of a College Republican group in New York City said he felt like there was "a target on my safety" after an Antifa group distributed pictures and personal information about all of the group's members, imploring opponents to let them know "what you think."

{FD} Puerto Rico struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria, as Trump plans visit

President Trump said he'll travel to Puerto Rico next week to see the devastation unleashed by Hurricane Maria first hand -- the trip coming as federal aid struggles to reach those affected by the storm due to washed out roads, poor communications and damaged infrastructure on the island.

{FD} Columbia University’s military association voices ‘disappointment’ over dean’s missive

A student military association at Columbia University’s law school is disappointed by a dean’s letter last week that implied military recruiters are only welcome on campus because the school needs federal funding.

{FD} WikiLeaks documents allege Russian tech company colluded with Kremlin

WikiLeaks, believed by many to be a Kremlin front, surprised some observers Tuesday morning when it released documents linking a Russian tech company with access to thousands of citizens’ telephone and Internet communications with Moscow.

{FD} Columbia University law school objects to military recruiters on campus; gives credit for joining anti-Trump group

Columbia University Law School can't prevent the U.S. military from recruiting on campus, but it's welcoming them with “vociferous objection” because of President Trump’s transgender ban, the school's dean wrote in a blistering missive to students.