{FD} SXSW: Scientists tout ‘pen’ technology that detects cancer in 20 seconds

The MasSpec pen, developed by researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, is capable of detecting cancerous tissue in real time with over 96 percent accuracy. Medical experts hope it will revolutionize the way cancer is detected during surgery.

{FD} Prehistoric cave believed to be 10 million years old found in Texas

After residents in a Round Rock neighborhood complained of lack of water, county officials made a surprising discovery. A pipe had broken due to the collapse of a cave roof. Experts believe the cave was formed millions of years ago.

{FD} Illegal immigration conflict in San Antonio pits local police against state laws

The San Antonio police department is under fire for reportedly releasing a group of undocumented immigrants to the community during a smuggling case last month. Critics claim the decision violated the state’s strict immigration laws. But, some immigration advocates say, sometimes, there’s room for a humanitarian approach.

{FD} Trump administration’s offshore drilling proposals could be a boon for Gulf Coast

The Trump administration is aiming to boost oil and gas production by using a two-pronged strategy: rolling back safety regulations and opening more U.S. coastal waters to offshore drilling. Industry experts are praising the move. But, critics say it won't necessarily lead to more production.