{FD} Chicago man sues Cubs, MLB after foul ball leaves him blind in one eye

A 60-year-old Illinois man who says he's a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan is now imploring the team and Major League Baseball to immediately install more nets protecting fans in crowds after he was hit in the face by a ball in August, causing him to immediately go blind in one eye.

{FD} Joel Osteen: Our church didn’t turn people away after Harvey

Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen is shooting down claims his Lakewood Church in Houston turned Hurricane Harvey victims away, saying that keeping the doors closed for a few days during and after the storm was the "safe thing" to do.

{FD} To fight Chicago violence, police use technology that traces ‘day in the life’ of a gun

You’ve heard of the “day in the life of” an interesting person or public figure. Well now, new ballistic technology is helping federal agents and police create a day in the life of the guns being used by criminals terrorizing America’s neighborhoods-- especially those in Chicago.

{FD} Chicago Mayor Emanuel unveils 3-part plan to curb bloody violence, pleads for support

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who’s struggling to repair his tattered image, fought tears and pleaded with neighbors to support the city’s police officers as he unveiled a three-part plan to fight the city’s staggering violent crime and bloodshed.

{FD} Ex-Chicago alderman, Marine vet pushes city code calling for respect for National Anthem

As some NFL players and high school athletes nationwide spark outrage by intentionally sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem, a Chicago veteran and retired alderman has proposed the city enforce that all people stand when the Star Spangled Banner is played.

{FD} One year later, officials stunned by ‘betrayal’ of Illinois cop who staged suicide

This Labor Day weekend marks one year since Fox Lake, Illinois Police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz staged his on-the-job suicide to look like murder—sparking a massive investigation and nationwide manhunt for three "killers" who didn’t exist.