{FD} Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz’s brother bragged about their popularity, prosecutors say

The Brother of the suspected gunman who killed 17 people at a Florida high school on February 14, reportedly bragged about “how many girls he is capable of attracting” due to how “popular” his brother is.

{FD} Missing Pennsylvania teen located in Mexico, 45-year-old man taken into custody, police say

A missing Pennsylvania teen who was believed to have run away to Mexico with a 45-year-old man has been located “unharmed and in good health” by authorities and will be escorted back to the United States, according to police.

{FD} Senator demands docs about collapsed Florida bridge as reports of cracks surface

As reports emerged about an engineer's warning of cracks days before Thursday's calamitous collapse of a pedestrian bridge in Florida, a senator wants to find out exactly who was behind the construction that may have led to the structure's fatal failure.

{FD} Senator demands docs on construction of collapsed Florida bridge as officials detail report of cracks

One Florida senator wants to find out exactly who was behind the faulty construction that may led to Thursday’s collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University that has left six people dead and at least 10 more injured.

{FD} Trump’s planned meeting with Kim Jong Un a ‘potential breakthrough,’ top defense officials say

Senior officials at the Pentagon said Thursday night that plans for the president to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in May comes as “good news” and could be a “potential breakthrough.”

{FD} UN renews calls for cease-fire in Syria as concerns over humanitarian crisis escalate

The United Nations Security Council renewed calls on Wednesday to implement a 30-day cease-fire across Syria after a resolution to deliver humanitarian aid during that period was still not put in effect.

{FD} Alabama man agrees to plea deal after being arrested 4 days after publicly criticizing local sheriff

An Alabama man that was arrested on drug charges just days after he publicly criticized a local sheriff over the suspicious use of prison funds, was released from jail on Friday after signing a plea deal.

{FD} California couple charged with child abuse after reportedly living in a ‘box made of plywood’ for four years

A California couple was charged on Friday with child abuse after authorities discovered that they, along with their three children, had been living in a makeshift shelter, with no electricity or running water, in an isolated part of the desert for four years.

{FD} Unlicensed day care worker reportedly tells cops she would ‘rather be deported than go to jail’ after allegedly breaking child’s legs

An unlicensed day care worker in Utah allegedly told police she would “rather be deported than go to jail” after a child in her care was taken to the hospital with two broken legs.

{FD} Florida House issues subpoenas as it ponders ‘what went wrong’ in Parkland shooting response

The Florida House issued subpoenas on Wednesday as a part of the state’s ongoing investigation into the way Broward and Palm Beach Counties and the City of Coral Springs responded “prior to, during and immediately following” the Parkland high school shooting on Feb. 14.