{FD} Julie Andrews, cast mates share ‘Sound of Music’ facts from behind the scenes: ‘The town didn’t want us there’

“The Sound of Music” is still recognized as a beloved Hollywood musical that also happens to be the third-highest grossing film of all time behind “Star Wars” and “Gone With the Wind." However, the 1965 classic was originally plagued with problems.

{FD} Wayne Newton says performing for American troops is his biggest accomplishment

Wayne Newton has been performing since he was 5-years-old, learned life lessons from the Rat Pack, befriended Elvis, and performed over 30,000 shows in Las Vegas alone. And still, the entertainer insisted none of these matter, in comparison to his greatest achievement.

{FD} ‘Chandra Levy: An American Murder Mystery’ could inspire someone to come forward, says former investigator

In May 2001, Chandra Levy left her Washington, D.C. apartment and was never seen alive again. And while the 24-year-old’s remains were found a year later in Rock Creek Park, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and death still remains a mystery today.