{FD} North Korea helping Iran grow its ballistic missile program, details revealed in report

An Iranian opposition group has found 12 sites, not previously disclosed, where the Islamic government is developing ballistic missiles with the help of North Korean experts.

{FD} ISIS used Mosul church to abuse Yazidi girls, women, Iraqi Army officer says

In the basement of a largely decimated church of eastern Mosul, strewn between the bits of debris and broken glass, remains gut-wrenching reminders of ISIS’s depravity: tiny pieces of pink and yellow underwear along with flower headbands belonging to the very young Yazidi sex slaves the barbaric terrorist group took captive.

{FD} Can a single injection conquer PTSD? The army wants to find out

The U.S. Army has commissioned a study to determine whether an anesthetic injection to the neck alleviates symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder—a treatment that, if proven effective, could be a big step toward easing an affliction affecting hundreds of thousands of troops who have returned from combat.