{FD} Pennsylvania coal mine, first in Trump era, praised as lifeline for local economy

Even amid ubiquitous predications of a decline in coal extraction, the mine has been praised locally as an economic lifeline for a region hard hit by the decline in coal-fired power plants and – despite Corsa starting work on the mine last August - been hailed by President Trump as proof that environmental deregulation will bring jobs to the struggling industry.

{FD} Penn State ex-President Spanier, other administrators sentenced in Sandusky case

Ex-Penn State President Graham Spanier and two other former school administrators were sentenced Friday to at least two months in jail each for failing to report now-convicted sexual predator Jerry Sandusky to law enforcement.

{FD} Saudis paid for US veteran trips against 9/11 lawsuit law

After Congress passed a new law allowing Sept. 11 victims' families to sue Saudi Arabia in U.S. courts, opponents mounted an expensive political campaign, including paying American military veterans to visit Capitol Hill and warn lawmakers about what they said could be unintended consequences.