{FD} After May Brexit opening, EU leaders ask: where’s the beef?

British Prime Minister Theresa May's show of goodwill at the European Union summit left the 27 other EU leaders with "thousands of questions" and eagerly awaiting a more detailed proposal on the future right of EU citizens to remain in a departed Britain.

{FD} Benelux, Baltic and Nordic leaders meet ahead of EU summit

Leaders of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are due to meet with counterparts and senior officials from Baltic and Nordic nations for talks ahead of a European Union summit and two days after formal negotiations on Britain's divorce from the EU opened in Brussels.

{FD} Queen outlines UK government agenda in scaled-down speech

Queen Elizabeth II outlined the government's legislative program in a speech to Parliament on Wednesday after the prime minister slimmed down her plans and promised "humility" in negotiating Britain's exit from the European Union following a disastrous election that cost the ruling Conservative Party its majority.

{FD} Dried lizard penises from India sold as good luck charms

Wildlife investigators from India and Britain say they have uncovered an international fraud in which dried penises of endangered monitor lizards are being sold as a plant root regarded as a good luck charm and used in religious rituals.

{FD} South Africa-born lawyer who defended Mandela dies

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has paid tribute to the late Joel Joffe, a South Africa-born human rights lawyer who defended Mandela during a 1960s trial at which the anti-apartheid leader was sentenced to life in prison.

{FD} Muslims targeted by violence in wake of IS-claimed attacks

The attack on Muslim worshippers outside a London mosque on Monday follows a rising wave of violence and harassment directed against Muslims across Britain and around the world.