{FD} Getting tough on the Taliban: Trump admin said to be urging closure of the militant group’s Qatar office

After years of failed peace talks and following one of the deadliest weeks of suicide attacks on Afghan forces, the Trump administration is said to be pushing for the Taliban’s Qatar-based office to be closed down in an increasingly iron-fisted approach to defeating the militant group.

{FD} Kate Steinle case that led to debate over US sanctuary cities, Trump’s call for wall is under way in court

Kate Steinle’s murder fueled national outrage and became a flash point in the divisive debate over the twin issues of illegal immigration and U.S. sanctuary cities and now her accused killer is getting his day in court.

{FD} Hedy Lamarr was more proud of her wireless invention than acting in Hollywood, says director

Hedy Lamarr was a reigning Hollywood star during the ‘30s and ‘40s who would later seduce audiences as Delilah in the 1950 biblical film “Samson and Delilah”, but “the most beautiful woman in the world” was also a pioneer in wireless communication.

{FD} Deputies in Portland investigated by own department for cooperating with ICE agents

Sheriff's deputies in Portland, Ore., were investigated by their own department for cooperating with officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- a response critics called over-the-top and possibly unlawful.

{FD} Cryptic letter taunts museum curator looking for missing masterpiece

The artwork, nicknamed “Española,” is the only missing piece from the 16 Cabrera did in a series of casta, or caste, paintings. The paintings location remained a mystery for decades, until two years ago when Ilona Katzew, the curator of Latin American art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, received a cryptic letter in the voice of the little girl featured in the artwork.

{FD} ISIS hit list revealed as terror network kills more than 70 in Syrian town

Islamic State militants came into the Syrian town of Qaryatayn with a hit list, and by the time they left three weeks later, more than 70 civilians had been killed -- shot or beheaded, their bodies dumped in farms and ditches.