{FD} Kate Steinle case that led to debate over US sanctuary cities, Trump’s call for wall is under way in court

Kate Steinle’s murder fueled national outrage and became a flash point in the divisive debate over the twin issues of illegal immigration and U.S. sanctuary cities and now her accused killer is getting his day in court.

{FD} Cryptic letter taunts museum curator looking for missing masterpiece

The artwork, nicknamed “Española,” is the only missing piece from the 16 Cabrera did in a series of casta, or caste, paintings. The paintings location remained a mystery for decades, until two years ago when Ilona Katzew, the curator of Latin American art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, received a cryptic letter in the voice of the little girl featured in the artwork.

{FD} Family of Las Vegas victim ‘wants answers,’ lawyer says, as authorities remain tight-lipped

The family of a 21-year-old college student who was left with shattered ribs and a lacerated liver after being shot in the Las Vegas massacre “wants answers” from festival organizers and hotel management, one of her attorneys told Fox News, as police continue to remain tight-lipped about the massacre.