{FD} France’s Macron suggests Trump cannot ‘make war’ against everybody, everything

French President Emmanuel Macron insisted Sunday that he has a solid relationship with President Trump, ahead of his Washington visit this week, but also appeared to caution the president about his aggressive stances on Iran, climate change and international trade, in an exclusive “Fox News Sunday” interview.

{FD} France’s Macron speaks to ‘very special relationship’ with Trump

French President Emmanuel Macron says he has a “very special relationship” with President Trump, suggesting they’re political “mavericks” mutually committed to fighting terrorism and that he will ask Congress during his U.S. visit this week for support in ending the influence of dictators and rogue nations, in an exclusive “Fox News Sunday” interview.

{FD} Trump calls Comey ‘worst FBI director in history,’ ahead of book release

President Trump bashed fired FBI Director James Comey several times Sunday on Twitter, calling him the agency’s worst leader “in history,” as the first of several TV interviews in which Comey promotes his tell-all book airs tonight.

{FD} Trump says Comey tell-all book full of ‘lies,’ refers to ex-FBI chief as ‘slimeball’

President Trump on Sunday blasted fired FBI Director James Comey and his new book, which is critical of the president, suggesting Comey's mishandling of the Clinton email probe deserves “jail” time and again calling him a “slimeball.”

{FD} Pence calls Syria mission ‘completely accomplished,’ tells Russia to get the message

Vice President Pence, attending an international summit on Saturday, said he backs President Trump’s assertion earlier in the day that the U.S.-led airstrikes this weekend in Syria resulted in “mission accomplished,” And he warned Syrian ally Russia that it is “on the wrong side of history.”

{FD} Trump attacks ‘garbage’ Washington Post; calls Kelly story ‘hit job’

President Trump on Sunday lashed out again at The Washington Post, tweeting the newspaper’s recent story arguing that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is losing his credibility and clout “garbage” and “another hit job.”

{FD} Trump say many lawyers – seeking ‘fame & fortune’ – want to work for him

President Trump boasted Sunday that many lawyers -- with the prospect of “fame & fortune” -- want to represent him in the Russia collusion investigation, amid news reports that Trump cannot hire top-rate lawyers for the job.

{FD} Trump touts $1.3 trillion budget as win for military; vows more money for border wall

President Trump tried Sunday to strike an upbeat tone about the $1.3 trillion budget he recently signed that includes a hefty $700 billion for the military but only a fraction of the roughly $18 billion he sought for the border wall.

{FD} Trump administration backs UK after ex-spy poisoning, considers ‘options’ against Russia

The Trump administration declined to say Saturday whether it will follow Britain in expelling Russian diplomats after an ex-spy was poisoned there but acknowledged considering a range of “options” in response to the attack.

{FD} Trump slams NY Times’ Haberman as ‘Hillary flunky’; rips paper over Russia, lawyers story

President Trump on Sunday slammed The New York Times for what he says is the paper’s “false story” about him being unhappy with his legal team for the Russia investigation, taking particular aim at reporter Maggie Haberman, whom he called "a Hillary flunky.”