{FD} Trump attacks ‘garbage’ Washington Post; calls Kelly story ‘hit job’

President Trump on Sunday lashed out again at The Washington Post, tweeting the newspaper’s recent story arguing that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is losing his credibility and clout “garbage” and “another hit job.”

{FD} Trump say many lawyers – seeking ‘fame & fortune’ – want to work for him

President Trump boasted Sunday that many lawyers -- with the prospect of “fame & fortune” -- want to represent him in the Russia collusion investigation, amid news reports that Trump cannot hire top-rate lawyers for the job.

{FD} Trump touts $1.3 trillion budget as win for military; vows more money for border wall

President Trump tried Sunday to strike an upbeat tone about the $1.3 trillion budget he recently signed that includes a hefty $700 billion for the military but only a fraction of the roughly $18 billion he sought for the border wall.

{FD} Trump administration backs UK after ex-spy poisoning, considers ‘options’ against Russia

The Trump administration declined to say Saturday whether it will follow Britain in expelling Russian diplomats after an ex-spy was poisoned there but acknowledged considering a range of “options” in response to the attack.

{FD} Trump slams NY Times’ Haberman as ‘Hillary flunky’; rips paper over Russia, lawyers story

President Trump on Sunday slammed The New York Times for what he says is the paper’s “false story” about him being unhappy with his legal team for the Russia investigation, taking particular aim at reporter Maggie Haberman, whom he called "a Hillary flunky.”

{FD} CIA chief Pompeo says no concessions to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un before talks

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Sunday that President Trump has indeed to put pre-conditions on his agreed-to meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and will make no concessions before such a meeting happens -- attempting to end uncertainty and widespread speculation about ground-rules for such a historic meeting.

{FD} Trump’s planned meeting with Kim Jong Un a ‘potential breakthrough,’ top defense officials say

Senior officials at the Pentagon said Thursday night that plans for the president to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in May comes as “good news” and could be a “potential breakthrough.”

{FD} Trump on turbulence in the West Wing: ‘I like conflict’

President Trump said Tuesday that he likes “conflict” among his White House aides. The comment, part of an effort to push back against reports that the West Wing was dysfunctional, followed a tweet earlier in the day suggesting that he still had some staffing changes to make.

{FD} Mueller team looking into possible United Arab Emirates money into Trump campaign: report

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is now purportedly looking into whether the United Arab Emirates, with perhaps help from a top adviser, tried to gain political influence by putting money into Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign -- a tack that would indicate Mueller’s investigation continues to expand beyond whether campaign officials colluded with Russia.

{FD} Scaramucci rips Kelly, saying he’s trying to ‘lance the boil’ in White House

Anthony Scaramucci on Sunday criticized Chief of Staff John Kelly for his management style, arguing it’s too authoritarian and criticizing the former Marine general’s handling of the Rob Porter scandal, while insisting the criticism is not revenge for Kelly firing him as President Trump’s communications director.

{FD} Military parade planners eye Veterans Day for event, official says

Plans for President Trump’s requested military parade in the nation’s capital are moving forward after National Security Adviser HR McMaster ordered the military to start planning the event for Veteran’s Day, a senior U.S. official confirmed Friday to Fox News.

{FD} Trump asks why Obama didn’t ‘do something about Russian meddling’

President Trump on Monday followed other Republican leaders in questioning why the Obama administration “failed to act” on the intelligence that Russia’s meddling in U.S. politics began in 2014.