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The boy-genius finds himself forced to confront his germophobia when the flu comes to town in the latest episode of “Young Sheldon.” However, it’s not long before germs become the least of his worries.

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“The Big Bang Theory” cannot stop putting Sheldon Cooper through the ringer. The latest episode finds him dealing with the fact that his greatest enemy is replacing his greatest hero.

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Raj is aware that he’s in no position to be picky when it comes to women wanting to date him, but what happens when a new lover comes with some extra baggage? That’s just what the gang tackled on Season 11, Episode 14 of “The Big Bang Theory."

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On “Young Sheldon” the boy genius’ propensity to covet big-ticket items at Radio Shack ends up causing a big rift between his parents over their finances in the latest episode of the hit CBS sitcom.

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“Young Sheldon” finally addressed the first bit of friction the young genius had with his mother’s religious upbringing in episode 11 of the breakout hit series. Unfortunately for her, it didn’t go at all the way she planned.

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The gang on “The Big Bang Theory” has never been busier, except for its most difficult member. When Sheldon cracks down on finding a new project, the rest of the group pair off in unexpected ways to accomodate in Season 11, Episode 13.

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What happens when Sheldon finally gets a chance to leave his family and live in an environment of academia? That’s exactly what the 9-year-old genius had to deal with in the first episode of "Young Sheldon" of 2018.

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Although only a few hours have passed in Season 8 of “The Walking Dead,” they’ve been eventful, but the climax was even more so. As is usually the case with "The Walking Dead," not everyone is going to make it out of this alive.

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In episode 7 of CBS’ “Young Sheldon” the show took a break from its title character to focus on the Cooper family. When Sheldon’s dad and his grandmother butt heads, the kids worry that the falling out will lead to their parents divorcing.

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When he loses out on a big job opportunity, Raj has to redefine his relationship with Howard while Sheldon and Amy discover that wedding planning is hard, even for geniuses, in Season 11, Episode 10 of “The Big Bang Theory.”

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The fallout from the war between Rick and Negan continued in Season 8, Episode 7 “Time After Time.” With the Saviors on the ropes and Rick launching a new scheme with the Scavengers, the plot thickened even more.

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