{FD} Organs from overdose victims may save thousands on transplant waiting list

Transplant procedures involving deceased overdose victims have increased nearly 24-fold since 2000, with researchers reporting on Monday that the patients who receive these organs typically fare as well as patients who receive organs from other donors.

{FD} Surgeon general urges Americans to carry drug that reverses opioid overdose

The nation's chief doctor wants more Americans to start carrying the overdose antidote naloxone to help combat the nation's opioid crisis and save lives.

{FD} Colorado hospitals find success in reducing opioid addiction

Doctors say anytime an opiate prescription is written, it can be a gateway to addiction. With the opioid crisis raging nationwide, including in Colorado, a group of hospitals here grouped together to try and reduce the number of opioids doled out in emergency rooms.

{FD} Trump declares war on opioid abuse, calls for death penalty for traffickers, more access for treatment

Speaking from one of the states hardest hit by the opioid epidemic, President Trump on Monday laid out a battle plan that calls for harsher sentences - and even the death penalty - for traffickers.

{FD} Georgia police officers save man who overdosed on opioids in dramatic video

Three police officers in an Atlanta suburb are being praised for their fast work after they saved a man who overdosed on opioids in a dramatic rescue last week captured on body cameras.