{FD} Progressives’ frustrations with Feinstein spark talk of 2018 Senate challenge, report

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s firmly held stature on Capitol Hill and in California Democratic politics is perhaps in peril, with progressives purportedly frustrated enough about her views on President Trump, DACA and single-payer health care to possibly mount a 2018 challenge for her Senate seat.

{FD} Trump Jr. says he wanted to know about Clinton’s ‘fitness’ for office in Russian lawyer meeting

Donald Trump Jr. told congressional investigators on Thursday that he agreed to last year’s controversial meeting with a Russian attorney promising dirt on Hillary Clinton because he was interested in any information on the Democratic candidate’s “fitness, character or qualifications.”

{FD} Hillary Clinton’s enemies emerge in upcoming book, ‘What Happened’

While the former secretary of state lumps much of the blame for her defeat to Donald Trump last November on herself – saying “My mistakes burn me up inside,” according to leaked excerpts of the book – Clinton also doesn’t hold back punches when putting some of the fault for her loss on everyone from political rivals to television morning show hosts.

{FD} Trump nominations set up more special elections, chances for Dems to upset

President Trump has announced the names of dozens of likely nominees for top administration jobs including two House Republicans, setting up another possible round of special elections that will against test the president’s political strength and give Democrats another opportunity for an upset win.

{FD} Vladimir Putin fights election-tampering accusations with his own shots at US

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday turned the tables on claims the Kremlin meddled in the U.S. presidential election, with a feisty Putin accusing American spies of “crude and systematic” widespread interference in Russian affairs.

{FD} Leader of Italy’s ‘Trump Party’ looks to jump-start disillusioned voters

Gianni Musetti, a 31-year-old political hopeful from the Tuscan town of Carrara, recently launched the “Trump Party” in what he calls an attempt to “enliven” Italy’s center-right political movement and speak directly to the country’s disillusioned voters.