{FD} Trump rescinds NBA Curry’s White House invite after ‘statement’ remark

President Trump on Saturday rescinded Golden State Warrior star Stephen Curry’s invitation to the White House, after Curry suggested he doesn’t want to go to the Washington event that will honor his team’s 2016-2017 NBA championship.

{FD} Ex-President Carter: Give Trump credit on forcing immigration debate

Former President Jimmy Carter—speaking to Georgia college students on Wednesday-- expressed optimism that President Trump might break a legislative logjam with his controversial six-month deadline for Congress to address the immigration status of 800,000-plus U.S. residents who were brought to the country illegally as children.

{FD} Holocaust Museum removes study that critics say whitewashed Obama’s Syria policy

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum officially removed a study on Tuesday that whitewashed former President Barack Obama’s Syrian policy after Jewish and Syrian human rights groups criticized the report.

{FD} Editorial blasts Trump for giving Democrats ‘exactly what they want’ on debt ceiling deal

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board on Wednesday wrote a blistering critique of President Trump’s decision to overrule congressional Republicans and his own treasury secretary to cut a deal with Democrats to raise the federal debt ceiling “for a mere three months.”