{FD} Most border-state governors back Trump’s National Guard plan

Governors of several states have voiced support for President Donald Trump's decision Wednesday to deploy National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, paving the way for the White House to implement its latest anti-illegal immigration policy.

{FD} Is a caravan of immigrants heading to the US border? What to know about the annual event

As more than 1,000 migrants travel through Mexico, President Trump has continued to warn that the caravan of people should be stopped before entering the U.S. The caravan, an annual event, is made up mostly of migrants from Honduras and Central America.

{FD} Rosenstein memo on Mueller gives OK to probe Manafort, Russia collusion

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was given the green light to investigate President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his work with the Ukrainian government as well as claims Manafort colluded with the Kremlin, according to court documents filed late Monday.

{FD} Trumps slams Mexico and Dems as caravan of immigrants heads to US southern border

President Trump let loose on Mexico and Congressional Democrats in a series early morning tweets on Monday as a caravan of Central American immigrants makes its way largely unfettered through Mexico on its way to the United States’ southern border.

{FD} Trump rips California governor for pardoning ex-cons facing deportation

President Trump on Saturday slammed California Gov. Jerry Brown for pardoned five ex-convicts facing deportation, referring to Brown by his throwback nickname “Moonbeam” and questioning whether Californians “really want” such policies for criminal immigrants.

{FD} Clinton campaign app may have harvested Facebook data of millions

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign may have harvested the Facebook data of millions of people using an app that asked them to pair their Facebook friends list with their smartphone's contacts list -- in a bid to reach those people and persuade them to vote for Clinton.

{FD} Former Trump administration officials, from Comey to Shulkin

From the White House chief of staff to the FBI director, from leaving for a new job to learning of his firing from a television, here’s a running list of those who have left the Trump administration.