{FD} US nuclear general says would resist ‘illegal’ Trump strike order

Amid rising nuclear tensions with North Korea and concern over the potential for war, the top U.S. nuclear commander said on Saturday that he would resist President Donald Trump if he ordered an “illegal” launch of nuclear weapons.

{FD} The left turns on Bill Clinton, Biden over behavior toward women

In the wake of an outpouring of sexual misconduct allegations hitting the world of media and politics, the left is slowly but steadily turning on former President Bill Clinton -- and even former Vice President Joe Biden -- over their behavior toward women.

{FD} Trump says ‘America is back’ after ‘historic’ trip to Asia

President Trump on Wednesday touted his administration’s "tremendous success" after returning to Washington from a 12-day, five-country foreign trip in Asia where talks with foreign leaders focused on trade and the nuclear threat from North Korea.

{FD} China sending top envoy to North Korea, week after Trump visit pushing for action

China is sending a high-level special envoy to North Korea. The move follows President Donald Trump’s visit to China last week, where he pushed Beijing to use its influence to pressure Kim Jong Un into stopping his nuclear war threats.

{FD} Ex-Trump aides frustrated that Carter Page transcript was released

Former Trump campaign aides Michael Caputo and Roger Stone both say they’re at a loss as to why the testimony of fellow aide Carter Page was released by the House Intelligence Committee, but their testimonies continue to be withheld, even though both men have asked for their transcripts to be made public.

{FD} Trump, Duterte to hold first formal sit-down as uncertainty over Philippines’ human rights lingers

President Donald Trump is set to meet Monday with the so-called “Trump of the East,” Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, another controversial world leader known for his ultra-tough approach.

{FD} Army officer at DMZ lends Sanders his jacket on cold day

A chivalrous Army officer reportedly lent his jacket to a chilly Sarah Sanders, press secretary to President Trump, during their unsuccessful attempted visit Wednesday to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.