{FD} Protesters call out Pelosi over Trump DACA deal

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi got an earful on Monday after protesters in San Francisco confronted her angrily for striking a tentative deal with President Trump over a program to extend legal protections to young undocumented immigrants.

{FD} UN war on sexual abuse in Central African Republic still a shambles, internal study shows

Despite years of “zero tolerance” of the sexual abuse crisis by United Nations’ peacekeepers, the U.N. peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic is still a bureaucratic shambles when it comes to recording, investigating and keeping track of those crimes, according to a U.N. internal report.

{FD} Peacekeeper battalion in Central African Republic challenges UN ‘war’ on sexual abuse

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who in March vowed an all-out war on the plague of sexual abuse by U.N.-sponsored peacekeepers in vulnerable, strife-torn nations, is apparently locked in a major, closed-door chapter in that campaign—a struggle he so far does not appear to have won.

{FD} Is UNICEF helping all the child victims of peacekeeper sex abuse?

An investigation by the Swedish public television network SVT has reopened the issue with charges that the U.N.’s child relief agency UNICEF failed to follow up with care and support for some of the handful of children mentioned in the original investigative report of the so-called Sangaris scandal.