{FD} Pelosi defends Frederica Wilson’s ‘rock star’ comment against criticism from … Joy Behar

Even liberal talk show host Joy Behar took issue Friday with Rep. Frederica Wilson’s response to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s criticism of her role in an ongoing dispute over condolence calls to Gold Star families – but Nancy Pelosi stood by the Democratic congresswoman.

{FD} Dem rep on Weinstein scandal: Women have ‘responsibility’ to watch their attire and behavior

A Democratic congresswoman from Texas suggested in a local TV interview that women bear a certain “responsibility” when it comes to sexual harassment, saying their attire and behavior can be “inviting.”

{FD} GOP Rep. Collins calls Democrat Slaughter ‘despicable human being’ over ethics charges

Following continued scrutiny by the House Ethics Committee over alleged “insider” stock trading, Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., called the congresswoman who filed ethics charges against him “a despicable human being,” a rare moment of course language used by a U.S. congressman to describe a colleague.

{FD} Trump rips Democrats as ‘obstructionists’ as he vows to ‘fight’ to pass tax bill

President Trump renewed his push for tax reform on Wednesday by arguing it would benefit workers like truckers in America, while ripping Democrats in Congress as “obstructionists” who want to raise taxes.

{FD} Pelosi latest Dem facing backlash from liberal base for Trump dealing

The shout-down that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi encountered Monday at a San Francisco town hall from ‘Dreamer’ advocates is just the latest example of the backlash Democrats are facing from the liberal base for so much as hinting at cooperation with President Trump.

{FD} Protesters call out Pelosi over Trump DACA deal

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi got an earful on Monday after protesters in San Francisco confronted her angrily for striking a tentative deal with President Trump over a program to extend legal protections to young undocumented immigrants.

Antifa violence brings no outrage from Dems, after dire warnings about right-wing violence

The same Democrats who criticized President Trump for his response to the Charlottesville violence and warned for days of potential chaos at a right-wing rally planned for last weekend have been virtually silent on the attacks committed Sunday by apparent Antifa members in Berkeley, Calif.