{FD} Ex-CIA agents search for sunken cocaine submarine used by Pablo Escobar’s cartel

Two former CIA agents have purportedly discovered the whereabouts a sunken submarine used by late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s Medellín Cartel to smuggle cocaine from Colombia to Puerto Rico.

{FD} Ancient Greek ‘pyramid’ reveals its secrets

Excavation work on the uninhabited Greek island of Keros has unveiled a stunning look at the start of the Cycladic Bronze Age, showing off technological sophistication, impressive masonry work and precision detail well before its time.

{FD} Largest known underwater cave on Earth discovered in Mexico; holds clues to Mayan civilization

A team of experts in Mexico has discovered two linked underwater caverns that are more than 4,000 years old and form the largest known such cave on earth.

{FD} How John Young smuggled a corned-beef sandwich into space

While John Young, who died on Jan. 5 at age 87 , is famous for his Apollo 16 moonwalks and his role as commander of the first space shuttle mission, the NASA astronaut is also remembered for a small scandal he triggered with a sneaky act: smuggling a corned-beef sandwich into space.

{FD} Monster black hole unleashes messy double ‘burp’

The giant black hole at the center of a distant galaxy has been spotted taking in gas and letting out two mighty "burps" of high-energy particles, lending support to the theory that such galactic cores go through cycles of messy activity.

{FD} Dead koala found ‘screwed’ to post in Australian park

WARNING: IMAGE BELOW MAY BE GRAPHIC FOR SOME A dead koala was found “screwed” to a post in an Australian park, prompting a police investigation after an animal rescue group posted a photo of the disturbing discovery and demanding that the culprits are caught.

{FD} A newly approved gene therapy cures blindness — but it costs nearly $1M

The Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Luxturna is the first gene therapy to treat a specific inherited gene mutation, RPE65– and has been deemed a medical milestone. Yet criticism has stirred over the near $1 million dollar price tag–making it the most expensive medicine sold in the U.S., ranked by the sticker price.