{FD} California school shooting plot thwarted by security guard, police say

A plot by a "disgruntled" student who was planning a mass shooting "within weeks" at a Southern California high school was thwarted after a security guard overheard a conversation last week, authorities said Wednesday.

{FD} Maryland police officer shot and killed is second cop murdered in 12 hours

A Maryland police officer was shot and killed Wednesday while intervening in a domestic violence dispute, officials said, marking the second police officer killed in the U.S. in just a 12-hour span.

{FD} Judge orders transgender teen placed in grandparents’ custody after parents refuse hormone treatments

An Ohio judge has placed a 17-year-old transgender teen in the custody of his grandparents after the teen's mother and father, reportedly citing their religious beliefs, refused to let him undergo hormone treatment as part of his transition from female to male.

{FD} Florida shooting victim’s friend helped by state troopers in last minute dash to funeral

A distraught New Yorker who graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School says she was able to get to Florida at the last minute to attend a funeral for a childhood friend killed in last week's shooting after a pair of state troopers paid for her expensive airline ticket.

{FD} World War II veteran faces eviction for lingering Hurricane Irma damage before community steps up

A World War II veteran who survived the lashing of Hurricane Irma as it tore through Florida last year was confronted with another struggle this month, facing eviction for not fixing the storm damage to his home -- but the local community stepped up to help.

{FD} Hired gunman may have killed Seattle federal prosecutor, report says

New evidence suggests the killing of Seattle federal prosecutor Thomas Wales in 2001 may have been the doing of a small group of people and a hired gunman, an FBI official familiar with the investigation told the Seattle Times.

{FD} Russia appoints honorary consul in Pakistan border province

Russia has named an honorary consul in a Pakistani province on the Afghan border, signaling closer ties with Islamabad at a time when U.S.-Pakistani relations are spiraling downward.

{FD} North Carolina father, daughter charged with incest arraigned in Virginia court

A North Carolina father and daughter accused of incest that led to a baby boy – and a marriage – were arraigned Tuesday on felony charges of incest and misdemeanor charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

{FD} Man writes open letter after Parkland massacre: ‘I was almost a school shooter’

In the aftermath of the deadly Florida high school shooting on Feb. 14 that left 17 people dead, a man named Aaron shared a very personal letter with Colorado-based KUSA, describing how decades ago, he too “was almost a school shooter” but said he ultimately wasn’t able to be because he didn't "have access to guns."