{FD} Recently convicted Texas Democrat now facing divorce

Troubles continue to mount for a Texas Democrat who was recently convicted on 11 federal counts of money laundering and wires and securities fraud. On Friday the wife of state Sen. Carlos Uresti filed for divorce.

{FD} Puerto Rico turns to DOJ amid escalating post-Maria drug-fueled violence

Just a half hour outside the charming cobblestone streets of Old San Juan are the boxy World War II-era public housing projects that are now home to thousands of Puerto Rican residents stranded after Hurricane Maria slammed ashore. Corruption, crime and neglect have taken a toll on the low-income dwellings and the people who live near them.

{FD} Payments to top college basketball players listed in FBI documents: report

New details of payments to athletes in a federal investigation that has lurked in the shadows since first rocking college basketball last fall mark the latest threat to the sport's basic foundation, showing the breadth of alleged corruption.

{FD} The meaning of ‘meatballs’ could sway case in Democratic mayor’s corruption trial

The mayor of Pennsylvania’s third-largest city is on trial for allegedly trading city contracts for cash to fuel his political ambitions — and his fate may depend on meatballs, according to reports.

{FD} Menendez corruption and bribery case: What to know

After a federal judge declared a mistrial in Sen. Bob Menendez's corruption and bribery trial in November, the Department of Justice announced it would retry the New Jersey Democrat.

{FD} High-level Obama appointee billed public for at least $4,000 in cab rides: report

A high-ranking Obama administration official unlawfully billed taxpayers more than $4,000 for taxi rides from his home to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office headquarters, an internal investigation has found.