{FD} Philadelphia aims to become first US city to legalize safe injection sites

Medically supervised injection sites could be the answer for curbing the deadliest drug crisis in American history, and with an estimated 1,200 overdose deaths in 2017, Philadelphia is willing to give the unconventional approach a try.

{FD} Chicago anti-gang cops may have robbed drug dealers: report

Multiple members of a Chicago Police Department anti-gang unit have been stripped of their authority following a federal probe into allegations that they robbed drug dealers.

{FD} New Mexico mom arrested for allegedly giving daughter, 13, pot edibles

A New Mexico mom is facing child abuse and drug charges after she allegedly provided marijuana edibles to her teen daughter, the sheriff’s department said.

{FD} San Francisco will wipe out thousands of marijuana convictions dating back decades

The city of San Francisco plans to retroactively apply California’s current marijuana legalization laws to past criminal cases dating back decades, the district attorney’s office announced Wednesday.

{FD} Drug companies flooded West Virginia town of 2,900 with 20.8M pain pills

A congressional committee investigating the opioid crisis has discovered out-of-state drug companies shipped 20.8 million prescription painkillers over a decade to two pharmacies in a Southern West Virginia town with 2,900 people.

{FD} Men had enough fentanyl to kill entire population of New York City, New Jersey combined, police say

Two men arrested in the largest fentanyl bust in New Jersey history were sentenced to prison Friday, after authorities said they had enough lethal doses to kill the entire population of New Jersey and New York City combined.

{FD} Fighting the opioid epidemic will require more court battles

New York City’s decision to file a lawsuit this week against eight big pharmaceutical corporations and distributors that ignited the nation’s raging opioid epidemic cannot bring back the hundreds of thousands of loved ones who have perished during this crisis.

{FD} Ex-CIA agents search for sunken cocaine submarine used by Pablo Escobar’s cartel

Two former CIA agents have purportedly discovered the whereabouts a sunken submarine used by late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s Medellín Cartel to smuggle cocaine from Colombia to Puerto Rico.

{FD} Multi-state meth, pot ring involving the US mail is busted

Two suspected leaders of a multi-state drug trafficking ring have been charged for their role in the operation, as investigators said the pair sent hundreds of pounds of crystal meth and marijuana through the US Postal Service.

{FD} Utah teen reportedly accused of killing man who sold him paprika instead of pot

Utah prosecutors charged and jailed a 17-year-old as an adult after he allegedly shot and killed a man for selling him cooking spices instead of weed, according to a report.

{FD} 2 women arrested after Texas apartment meth lab explodes with child inside, police say

Two women were arrested after a methamphetamine lab in a Texas apartment exploded while a child was in the home, causing several windows to be blown out during a blast residents described as a bomb going off.

{FD} Doctor ordered radio host wife’s killing to protect illegal drug ring, prosecutors say

Authorities say a New Jersey doctor running an illegal prescription drug ring with a motorcycle gang hired one of the members to kill his wife after she threatened to expose the scheme.

{FD} Sessions’ planned marijuana crackdown draws fire from politicians, growers

The Trump administration ashed the legal marijuana industry's budding flame Thursday, announcing it would end an Obama-era policy to tread lightly when enforcing federal cannabis laws.

{FD} California’s marijuana-tracking system delayed

California's legal pot economy was supposed to operate under the umbrella of a vast computerized system to track marijuana from seed to storefronts, ensuring that plants are followed throughout the supply chain and don't drift into the black market.

{FD} Arrested Connecticut woman snorts cocaine at police station, officers say

A "belligerent" and "uncooperative" Connecticut woman tried to snort cocaine inside a police station Monday while she was waiting to be searched by a female officer, according to a police report.

{FD} Marijuana for Christmas, and lots of it, reportedly found in elderly couple’s truck

Plans for a “weed Christmas” went awry on Tuesday after authorities in Nebraska found an elderly couple with 60 pounds of marijuana in their truck as they drove across country, NPR reported.