{FD} Parkland massacre survivor says she hid under dead classmate’s body

A Marjory Stoneman Douglas student on Saturday said that as one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history unfolded at her high school nearly two months ago, she used a dead student's body to shield herself from gunman Nikolas Cruz.

{FD} Stoneman Douglas students return to class carrying mandatory clear backpacks

As the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School returned to campus on Monday following their spring break, a slew of new security measures were put into place — including the mandatory usage of clear backpacks.

{FD} Las Vegas shooter’s final days before killing spree seen in creepy new video

Dozens of surveillance videos of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock wheeling around luggage stocked with weapons and ammunition were released by MGM Resorts Thursday amid continuing uncertainty about the motive of the attack.

{FD} Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz’s brother bragged about their popularity, prosecutors say

The Brother of the suspected gunman who killed 17 people at a Florida high school on February 14, reportedly bragged about “how many girls he is capable of attracting” due to how “popular” his brother is.

{FD} Some officials wanted Stoneman Douglas suspect Nikolas Cruz committed in 2016, documents show

Some school counselors and officials were so concerned about the mental stability of Nikolas Cruz, accused in last month’s Florida school massacre, that recommended to have him forcibly committed more than a year before the shooting.

{FD} Nikolas Cruz’s mom, tormented by his behavior, weighed signing over parental rights: family source

The accused Parkland shooter's mom contemplated signing over parental rights after years of torment related to his behavioral problems, a family source says.

FBI staffers knew warnings about Nikolas Cruz were related but closed the case, lawmakers learn

The FBI has detailed to Congress a series of mistakes and missed opportunities to intervene before a gunman killed 17 people at a Florida high school last month.

{FD} Nikolas Cruz indicted on 17 counts of murder, jail records reveal odd behavior in days after Florida massacre

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, whose jail records show was unapologetic and behaved oddly in the days following the massacre, was formally charged Wednesday with 17 counts each of premeditated murder and attempted murder.

{FD} Nikolas Cruz’s jail records reveal details of gunman’s behavior in days after Florida school shooting

Nikolas Cruz appeared to be “cooperative,” but “often sits with a blank stare” and one time was observed breaking “out in laughter” during a visit with his attorney, jail records of the accused gunman’s first few days behind bars revealed.

{FD} Broward sheriff’s captain who gave initial order to ‘stage’ not enter Stoneman Douglas is ID’d

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has identified to Fox News the captain who, according to sources, directed responding deputies and units to “stage” or form a “perimeter” outside Stoneman Douglas High School, instead of rushing immediately into the building, as the mass shooting unfolded there.

{FD} New pictures: Parkland shooter might have tried to create vantage point to fire below

Fox News has obtained pictures that appear to show that the accused Stoneman Douglas High School shooter, Nikolas Cruz, tried to shoot out a window on a higher floor of the school in an attempt to fire down on people below. Had he succeeded, the toll of the dead and injured could have been dramatically greater.

{FD} Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz’s name removed from park fence

It was, until recently, the name of just another community member who had been involved in the building of the 7-acre playground.

{FD} Israeli specialists provide post-trauma training to Parkland community members

The Israel Trauma Coalition arrived in Broward County this week and has been holding training sessions for community members, specifically aimed at teachers, counselors, clinicians, clergy, social organizations and first responders.

{FD} Commanding officer initially ordered responding deputies to ‘stage’ not enter Stoneman Douglas, sources say

Fox News has learned that in the critical moments as first responding deputies were searching for an active shooter on the property of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, a commanding officer on scene apparently ordered some of the initial responders to “stage” and set up a “perimeter” outside -- instead of immediately ordering or allowing officers to rush in to neutralize the suspect, Nikolas Cruz.

{FD} Fixing ‘broken boys’ – not stripping gun rights – would stop mass shootings, experts say

Most humans cannot fathom — or choose not to fathom — the depths of depravity that would allow a young man to shoot up a school filled with children.