{FD} Couple says police detained them after mistaking hibiscus plants for marijuana

A couple in Pennsylvania is reportedly suing local authorities and their insurance agency after being told their hibiscus plants were actually marijuana — when they apparently weren’t.

{FD} FBI’s black ‘extremists’ report ignites fears of return to illegal government watch

Political organizations and veteran members of the civil rights movement have expressed concern over an FBI report noting the rise of black “extremists,” and fear it could lead to a return to a time when the agency unjustly spied on organizations which hadn’t broken any laws.

{FD} Married science teacher, 22, arrested for sex romp with teen boy student

A married teacher in Oklahoma was arrested Wednesday after having a sexual relationship with an underage student.

{FD} Massachusetts State Police colonel retires amid criticism of altered report

The superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police abruptly announced his retirement on Friday amid accusations that a trooper was forced to alter a police report for a judge's daughter to avoid embarrassing them.

{FD} Texas church shooting not the first time a good guy with gun takes down mass shooter

In the aftermath of the shooting, Willeford has quickly become an example for pro-gun advocates to point to when defending their argument that the best defense against mass shooting is a better-armed and better-trained civilian populace that is ready to defend itself, anytime and anywhere.

{FD} Pennsylvania state trooper saved his own life after shootout, officials say

A Pennsylvania state trooper remains hospitalized in critical condition Wednesday after he was shot several times during a traffic stop, but likely saved his own life by using a tourniquet he carried on him, officials said.

{FD} Knife-wielding man with **** magazine armor reportedly arrested after attempting to stab neighbor

A man in Oklahoma was arrested Sunday after he reportedly showed up to his former neighbor’s house armed with knives and pornographic magazines taped to his chest as armor looking for a fight.

{FD} California teacher arrested for alleged sexual misconduct while working in Tennessee

A former Tennessee high school teacher was arrested in California on Monday for alleged sexual misconduct with a previous student.

{FD} Texas church shooting victims receive offer from Southern Baptist Convention to cover funeral costs

The Southern Baptist Convention has offered to pay for the funeral service costs of all the victims in Sunday’s deadly church shooting in Texas, Fox News has learned.