{FD} Orange County city votes again to opt out of California’s sanctuary state law

A Southern California city council voted Monday for the second time to cement its opposition to the state’s sanctuary law following a tense 5-hour debate and clashes between anti-sanctuary measure supporters and protesters.

{FD} More California cities may join fight against state’s pro-illegal immigrant policies

More local governments in California may join this week the statewide movement against the state’s efforts to resist the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

{FD} Jerry Brown bolsters National Guard but defends California’s sanctuary status

The governor of California accepted federal funds on Wednesday to beef up the state’s National Guard, saying roughly 400 members would be added to an existing program to fight transnational crime.

{FD} Trump’s National Guard request for US-Mexico border draws response from surrounding states

As part of his plan to curtail immigrants from illegally coming into the U.S. through the country’s southern border, President Trump has requested National Guard troops to be deployed to the area.

{FD} At least 200 Central American caravan migrants to seek asylum in US: report

The organizers of Central American migrant “caravan” traveling through Mexico said Monday at least 200 migrants will seek asylum in the U.S. A coordinator of a transnational organization called Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Rodrigo Abeja, said there are twice as many migrants than previously anticipated who will try to claim asylum in the U.S., Reuters reported.

{FD} Arizona, Texas announce plans to send National Guard members to border

Officials in Arizona and Texas announced on Friday their plans to send National Guard members to the U.S.-Mexico border. The governor of Arizona said he planned to send about 150 members, while the Texas National Guard said it would send 250.

{FD} Trump administration’s lawsuit against California sanctuary laws backed by these cities, counties

These are the cities and counties that have supported the Trump administration's efforts to combat California's so-called sanctuary laws.

{FD} Chinese student to be deported after paying $3,000 to impostor to help her get into American university

A Chinese student has been ordered to be deported immediately after pleading guilty to paying $3,000 to have an impostor take an English language college entrance exam that helped her get into an American university.

{FD} Migrant ‘caravan’ begins to splinter, ‘disperse’ after Trump raises alarm

The caravan of roughly 1,000 Central Americans moving towards the United States appears to be splintering into smaller groups as of Wednesday, after drawing the ire of President Trump and attention from the Mexican government to contain the group.