{FD} British choir visits US for 60th anniversary of American WWII memorial in London

It was built decades ago in one of London’s iconic cathedrals as a tribute to American soldiers who lost their lives during World War II and a reminder of the everlasting bond between allies who stuck together in the world’s greatest time of need.

{FD} In Africa, US special forces shifting approach on extremism

Even as Islamic State group fighters flee the Middle East and cause fear across Africa's Sahel region it is al-Qaida that poses the more serious long-term threat, the U.S. military's special operations commander in Africa said in an interview with The Associated Press.

{FD} Trump seethes over FBI raid, ponders firing those he blames

President Donald Trump was so incensed by the FBI's raid of his personal attorney's office and hotel room that he's privately pondered firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and publicly mused about ousting special counsel Robert Mueller.

{FD} Trump says US has many options in pondering military strike

President Donald Trump is threatening an imminent military strike against Syria, vowing to respond "forcefully" to Saturday's apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians and warning that Russia or any other nation found to share responsibility will "pay a price."

{FD} Trump warns Assad: ‘Big price to pay’ for fatal Syria attack

President Donald Trump on Sunday condemned a "mindless CHEMICAL attack" in Syria that killed women and children, called Syrian President Bashar Assad an "animal" and delivered a rare personal criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin for supporting the Damascus government.