{FD} Arlington National Cemetery, slowly running out of space, reaches out to public for help

Arlington National Cemetery is reaching out to the public for suggestions after Congress asked to find the means necessary to keep the burial site open -- despite estimates it could run out of space in approximately 23 years.

{FD} Families of Korean War MIAs hope Trump-Kim talks will bring loved ones home

There are 5,000 U.S. service members bodies still in North Korea from the Korean War. Family members hope talks with the country could help bring their loved ones home.

{FD} Spending bill passed by Congress could disarm some veterans, GOP lawmaker warns

A Republican lawmaker is warning that the $1.3 trillion spending bill approved by Congress last week means more aging veterans could be deprived of owning guns because of a policy that targets those who no longer handle their finances.

{FD} Former Army major tells of his efforts to halt use of hazardous burn pits at Iraq military base

The dangers of burn pit exposures at Forward Operating Base Marez in Mosul, Iraq, were first noticed when the U.S. military presence was at its height, but nothing was done to correct the problem, Fox News has learned.

{FD} Agent Orange-related health care for Vietnam vets should be expanded, VA boss Shulkin says

More Vietnam War veterans who developed ailments after exposure to Agent Orange deserve health care, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin told a Senate panel this week -- but high costs, medical science and politics stand in the way.

{FD} More veterans seek Trump’s pardon for combat-zone convictions

When Michael Behenna told his parents he wanted to enlist in the Army to serve his country after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, they were proud.

{FD} Vietnam veteran to cycle cross-country for fellow soldiers

A 69-year-old Vietnam veteran is set to embark on a cross-country cycling trip to help his fellow returning soldiers.