{FD} Christians must fight human trafficking

The Christian commandment to provide comfort and justice to the most vulnerable in our society was vividly taught by our savior Jesus Christ in the book of Matthew, Chapter 25, verses 34-40, when describing the final judgement.

{FD} Air Force veteran sues after being pulled from ceremony mid-speech

A retired Air Force sergeant who was forcibly removed two years ago from a military retirement ceremony as he recited a traditional passage honoring the flag filed a lawsuit Monday, claiming he was ousted for mentioning the word "God."

{FD} After Confederate statue controversy, cities move to tear down monuments seen as offensive to Native Americans

After a period across the nation of many controversial Confederate monuments being removed, one of the most liberal cities in America is set to tear down a presidential statue, calling it offensive to Native Americans, according to reports.

{FD} Easter: Why we need the cross more than ever

With Easter upon us, that most venerable day when Christians across the globe celebrate the atoning death of Jesus, we would do well to remember that THE symbol of this day, the cross, is not only a link to God, but it is also a pathway to bridging the many racial and cultural issues that divide us all today.