{FD} ‘Losing Streak Lois’ Riess arrested in Texas after weeks-long search, authorities say

Fugitive Minnesota grandmother Lois Riess, aka “Losing Streak Lois,” was arrested Thursday night in Texas, ending a nearly monthlong search for a woman suspected of killing her husband and at least one other person, authorities said.

{FD} ‘Losing Streak Lois,’ alleged killer grandma on the run, spotted on new surveillance video

Authorities released new surveillance video Wednesday of “Losing Streak Lois,” the 56-year-old grandmother from Minnesota who sparked a nationwide manhunt after she allegedly killed her husband and a woman in Florida before stealing her identity. In the video, the suspect was reportedly wearing the slain woman’s hat.

{FD} Man diagnosed as mentally ill allegedly killed ‘weird’ family who took him in

A mentally ill man who was welcomed into a Minnesota family’s home beat a mother and her son to death with a pipe wrench — and then told police he did so because they were “weird,” authorities said.

{FD} Minneapolis cop acted ‘recklessly’ in fatal shooting of Australian woman, prosecutor says

A Minneapolis police officer acted "recklessly" last summer when he fired a shot that killed an Australian woman who had called 911 to report a suspected rape, a prosecutor said Tuesday.