{FD} Mom supports letting Ohio woman testify from beyond the grave in ex-boyfriend’s murder trial

The Ohio woman who died two years after she was doused in gasoline and set ablaze could "testify" during her ex-boyfriend's murder trial, in the form of a taped recording -- and her mother is standing by the decision.

{FD} 911 dispatcher who answered call from boy crushed by minivan seat complained about job days before incident

The 911 operator who answered a Cincinnati teen’s call before he was crushed to death by a minivan seat Tuesday complained on social media days before the tragedy about having to work overtime.

{FD} Cleveland ‘House of Horrors’ victim, raped daily for 11 years, now happily married

One of the three women kidnapped and held captive in a Cleveland “House of Horrors” -- where she was raped daily for more than a decade -- revealed in an episode of “Dr. Phil” she is happily married years after her harrowing escape.

{FD} ‘Madness’: Family outraged that 4 teens sentenced to youth treatment after sandbag hits car, kills man

The lawyer for the family of a Michigan man killed with a sandbag thrown from an Ohio highway overpass said it was “madness” that the teenage culprits were sentenced to a youth treatment facility program instead of jail.

{FD} Ohio Senate GOP primary pits 2 congressmen who think they can unseat Dem incumbent

A few blocks away from the Quicken Loans Arena, site of the convention where Donald J. Trump officially accepted his party’s nomination, an investment banker who has never held elected office is hoping to channel the president’s success.

{FD} John Kasich, in New Hampshire, hints at Trump 2020 challenge: ‘All my options are on the table’

John Kasich says he realizes his trip to New Hampshire – which holds the first presidential primary – is sparking more speculation that he’s considering a primary challenge against President Donald Trump.

{FD} ‘Sexy’ photos got ex-University of Cincinnati volleyball player booted from team, she claims

A former University of Cincinnati women’s volleyball player claimed in a lawsuit filed last week she was kicked off the team because of photos she posted that her coach said were “too sexy.”

{FD} $1M in fentanyl seized from Texas trio plotting to mail drugs back from Ohio, authorities say

Three Texans were arrested in Ohio last week after an investigation yielded evidence that they had attempted to mail a large quantity of fentanyl back to Texas, authorities said.

{FD} Fired white police officer who killed unarmed black motorist to receive over $300G in back pay

A white police officer who was fired after he shot and killed an unarmed black motorist will receive more than $300,000 in back pay from the University of Cincinnati, the school said Thursday.