{FD} Protesters march to various Starbucks cafes in Philadelphia following controversial arrests

Protesters in Pennsylvania marched to various Starbucks locations in Philadelphia's Center City on Monday to continue protesting the controversial arrests of two black men at one of the chain's locations last week.

{FD} Officers in Starbucks incident ‘did absolutely nothing wrong,’ Philadelphia police chief says

Philadelphia’s top cop defended the actions of his officers on Saturday after a viral video showed two black men being arrested for refusing to leave a Starbucks when a store employee denied them access to the restroom.

{FD} Penn State drops homecoming ‘king and queen’ titles, changes to gender-neutral term

Students at Penn State University will no longer be able to say they are the homecoming queen or king – instead the titles have become gender-neutral so as to be "welcoming to all."

{FD} Pennsylvania man arrested after allegedly stabbing father to death with butter knife, removing eye, police say

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after allegedly killing his father with a butter knife and removing one of his eyeballs which officers later recovered from the floor of their Philadelphia home.

{FD} Jury panel filled for Bill Cosby sexual assault retrial as defense claims racism

The 12 jury members that will hear the sexual assault case involving comedian and former TV star Bill Cosby were finally selected Wednesday, despite the defenses claim that the prosecution illegally remove one woman from the panel based on race.

{FD} Couple busted for allegedly running ******* out of home, with kids inside, to fund heroin addiction

Pennsylvania police are on the hunt Wednesday for the boyfriend of a woman who allegedly told police that she ran a brothel out of her home – where three young children were living – to fund her heroin addiction.

{FD} Backlash after Planned Parenthood branch tweets: ‘We need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion’

A Planned Parenthood office in Pennsylvania had some advice for the creators at Disney Tuesday after tweeting about the need for princesses who have “had an abortion” or are “trans.”

{FD} School that gives students rocks to repel active shooter to add armed security

A Pennsylvania school district that drew media attention and public mockery for its plan to arm students with rocks in case of an active shooter situation has arranged for armed security in its buildings.