{FD} Sketch released of fake cop accused of sexually assaulting women in Georgia

Authorities released sketches on Wednesday of a man accused of posing as an officer, pulling over two women over and sexually assaulting them hours apart on Atlanta-area roadways last weekend.

{FD} Georgia police officer ‘kidnapped’ by gang members during traffic stop caught on video, officials say

A Georgia police officer was caught on dash cam video allegedly being kidnapped after gang members attempted to flee the scene by driving away during a traffic stop last week — making it more than a mile in rush-hour traffic before being stopped.

{FD} Georgia teacher had guns taken away from him after he set car afire, sheriff says

A Georgia teacher accused of firing a handgun in his classroom had three rifles taken away after setting the family car ablaze at his home two years ago, according to a sheriff's report obtained Friday by The Associated Press.

{FD} ‘Pronouns matter’: Georgia college suggests ‘ne’ and ‘ve’ as gender-neutral words

The LGBT Resource Center at a Georgia college may want to pay a visit to the English department after a new controversial pamphlet lists several gender pronouns as “ne,” “ve,” and “ey.”

{FD} Georgia teacher who fired gun in classroom previously told police he hired hitmen, report says

A Georgia high school teacher who fired a gun in a classroom Wednesday previously told police he hired two friends to kill someone on his behalf, a report said.

{FD} Georgia’s lieutenant gov blasts Delta for cutting ties with NRA; warns he will block legislation favoring airline

Georgia’s lieutenant governor warned Delta Monday that he will block any tax legislation that would benefit the airline unless it reverses its decision to sever ties with the National Rifle Association, warning that corporations cannot “attack conservatives” without consequences.