{FD} Russia, Syria block inspectors from chemical weapons attack site, watchdog says

Officials in Syria and Russia allegedly blocked investigators from entering the scene of a suspected chemical attack, a watchdog group said Monday.

{FD} Russia, Syria block inspectors from chemical weapons attack site

Syrian and Russian authorities prevented independent investigators from going to the scene of a suspected chemical attack, the head of the chemical watchdog group said Monday, blocking international efforts to establish what happened and who was to blame.

{FD} Middle East analysts debate how to solve Syrian civil war, at Rome conference

U.S., European, Russian and Arab analysts at a conference in Rome, while pondering the best “security architecture” for the Middle East, admitted — or at least some of them did — that talk of the necessity for a “political,” as opposed to “military,” solution for Syria is somewhat flawed given facts already on the ground.

{FD} ‘Allah, Syria, and only Bashar’: Syrians rally in support of Assad after US-led airstrikes

Hundreds of Syrians came out to the streets of Damascus on Monday to rally in support of the regime’s army and leader Bashar al-Assad following Saturday’s U.S.-led airstrikes against the country’s chemical weapon facilities.

{FD} White House reacts to Macron’s claim France ‘convinced’ Trump to keep US troops in Syria

Almost one year into his term, French President Emmanuel Macron will discuss the airstrikes in Syria and defend an economic reform agenda that has prompted widespread worker strikes.

{FD} Deadly Syria attack shines spotlight on chemical weapons linked to Assad regime, ISIS-inspired terror groups

The Syrian government and its Iran and Russian backers continue to rebuff staunchly any responsibility for chemical attacks in the war-ravaged country — of which there allegedly have been more than 50 since the war began — including last weekend in the city of Douma.

{FD} US to hit Russia with new sanctions after Syria airstrike, Haley says

The Trump administration will levy new economic sanctions against Russia over its support of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Sunday.

{FD} Russia acting like a ‘rogue’ country with its Syria support, UK ambassador says

Russia is acting like "one of those rogue countries" in its support of the Syrian regime after the deadly chemical weapons attack earlier this month, British Ambassador to the United Nations Karen Pierce told Fox News on Sunday.

{FD} The US attack on Syria is completely legal and utterly moral. Here’s what Trump’s critics need to know

President Trump’s action to attack Syria was exceptionally well-grounded legally. Self-evident moral authority supports using any reasonable means to protect innocents from the moral outrage of chemical weapons.

{FD} Judith Miller: Trump says ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Syria but his broader strategy is still hard to discern

President Trump was able to declare "mission accomplished" by tweet just hours after a missile attack struck three key chemical weapons facilities in Syria early Saturday because the strike was limited, clearly defined and multilaterally endorsed.

{FD} Strikes against Syrian regime bolster locals’ hopes that U.S. will stay for long haul

A convoy of tanks rolled down a rubbled road outside the northern Syrian city of Manjib Saturday afternoon, just hours after news that the U.S and allied forces had struck a number of Syrian regime facilities in and around the capital of Damascus.

{FD} Why targeting Syria’s chemical weapons is not enough to stop rising civilian death toll

By firing 105 missiles at Syrian chemical weapons targets before dawn Saturday, the U.S., Britain and France sent a clear message to dictator Bashar Assad: they will not tolerate his regime’s use of toxic gas and other weapons of mass destruction against his own citizens.

{FD} Trump strikes Syria, media fire back, and other examples of their war against the president

Following the missile attack by U.S., French and British forces on Syrian chemical weapons targets that President Trump announced Friday, the anti-Trump media immediately fired back at the president, wondering if he ordered the strike to divert attention from news coverage of his troubles at home.