{FD} The lives of ISIS wives held in Syria: infighting, jealousy – and regrets

One may assume they have a lot to “bond” over given their special status as foreign wives of ISIS fighters, but now many of these widowed women - dumped by their home countries - are left to lead a life confined to a displacement camp, marred by in-fighting, jealousy and stealing from one another out of spite.

{FD} US drops more bombs in Afghanistan as war against ISIS winds down

U.S. military aircraft dropped more bombs in Afghanistan last month than against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, according to a new Air Force strike report from its Central Command headquarters in the Middle East, a sign the war against ISIS is winding down.

{FD} ISIS-inspired British teacher gets 25 years in prison for attempting to recruit ‘army of children’

Umar Haque, 25, a British teacher was jailed Tuesday for a minimum of 25 years for attempting to recruit students to carry out Islamic State-inspired attacks across London.