{FD} Iraq’s Kurds to vote on independence amid fears of unrest

"For the sake of the sacrifices and blood of the martyrs, let's all say yes for Kurdistan independence," reads a large billboard in the center of Kalak, a small town in Iraq's northern Kurdish region.

{FD} Paratrooper becomes 1st French casualty in anti-IS coalition

A French paratrooper has died in combat while fighting extremists in the Mideast as part of the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State group, in what appears to be the first official French casualty in the operation.

{FD} Danes arrest man for allegedly sending drones, cameras to IS

A Copenhagen court has jailed a man for 25 days under Denmark's anti-terror laws for allegedly shipping drones, components for unmanned aerial vehicles and infrared cameras that were bound for the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq.

{FD} Iran showcases new ballistic missile during military parade

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard unveiled the country's newest ballistic missile Friday during a military parade in Tehran, showcasing a rocket with the reported range to reach most of the Middle East -- including Israel.

{FD} France’s Macron says Iran nuke deal not enough, defends it nonetheless

French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged Wednesday the Iran nuclear deal is not enough to contain the Islamic Republic's nuke and missile ambitions, however, he maintained scrapping the deal altogether would be a mistake.