{FD} Affairs, ‘dark web’ scam in focus as Minnesota murder-for-hire trial begins

Washington County opened its trial against Stephen Allwine Monday, a case with a plot stripped from the pages of a murder mystery—sex, lies, murder and a hit man for hire.

{FD} Dylan Farrow calls out Justin Timberlake for his association with Woody Allen

After giving an interview about her alleged molestation at the hands of her adoptive father, Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow is taking shots at “Wonder Wheel” star Justin Timberlake over his association with both the director and the “Times Up” movement.

{FD} James Franco accusers give more details, describe a path to redemption

On the same day that actor James Franco was snubbed by the 2018 Academy Awards for his role in the film “The Disaster Artist,” two of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct are sharing more details about their experience and how they view the star in the wake of everything.

{FD} White House fires back at Schumer’s ‘phony’ and ‘bogus’ negotiations after wall funding offer withdrawn

The White House is firing back at Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer for offering, then rescinding, a “phony” and “bogus” deal to support border wall funding in return for an immigration deal that protects illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children.

{FD} Dirty details of Missouri governor’s affair fuel resignation calls

Missouri’s Republican governor is the latest politician to star in his own drama: Fifty Shades of Greitens – a tawdry tale of lust, power and betrayal that has consumed state politics and led to bipartisan calls for his resignation.

{FD} ‘Ring of Fire’ fury strikes Alaska, Philippines, Japan

The volatile "Ring of Fire" seismic fault system contributed to a deluge of calamities Tuesday, encompassing the large earthquake off the coast of Alaska that triggered tsunami alerts across the U.S. West Coast and volcanic eruptions thousands of miles away in Japan and the Philippines.

{FD} 2020 Dems play to the base by voting to extend government shutdown

The roll call of Democratic senators who voted Monday to extend the government shutdown in a push for ‘Dreamer’ protections reads like a who’s who of potential 2020 presidential candidates – raising concerns even within the party that the drift by would-be Trump rivals “further to the left” could endanger their political prospects.