{FD} This 4,000-year-old mummy just solved a century-old mystery

If the F.B.I.'s scientists could extract DNA from the 4,000-year-old mummy, they would add a powerful tool to their forensics arsenal and also unlock a new way of deciphering Egypt’s ancient past https://t.co/a1em2dIpBG

{FD} Archaeologists closer to finding lost Viking settlement

A lost Viking settlement known as "Hóp," which has been mentioned in sagas passed down over hundreds of years, is said to have supported wild grapes, abundant salmon and inhabitants who made canoes out of animal hides.

{FD} Skull of ‘oldest Dutchwoman’ found beneath the North Sea

Part of a prehistoric human skull and a bison bone decorated with a zigzag pattern — dubbed the world's "oldest Dutchwoman" and "oldest Dutch artwork" — have been revealed by scientists in the Netherlands, in research that highlights a sunken treasure trove of human archaeology beneath the North Sea.